Spotlight search: how to set up privacy and other tips

With The Captain, Apple has created a more robust reflector functionality that you can search within your local Mac system and also on the Internet to give you the desired results. Many users have noticed that the new Spotlight features, such as natural language search, do not work for them.

Not all functions are available in all regions. Be sure to check the Apple site to see if the features are supported in your region.

We covered some of the basic concepts in one of our previous articles. Please look here.

Spotlight Search poses some privacy challenges if you share your Macbook or iMac with other users. If youre using the Mac at work and want to protect some contract documents, you dont want them to be visible in your top search results. Also, its always a good idea to use encryption to protect these confidential documents.

This article gives you a quick tip on how to make items unrecognizable in your Spotlight results and also provides suggestions on some aspects that could affect your Spotlight performance.

Step- 1.

Click on Apple Menu – ; System Preferences – ; Spotlight

Be sure to check the boxes for your Spotlight preferences here.

Tip -1. If your projector does not work properly or you have problems, try alternating the setting of “Allow Spotlight suggestions in Spotlight and search” a couple of times. Be sure to keep it checked after you turn it on.

>Step- 2

Click on the tab Privacy. Add the folders or files you want to exclude from the search results using the “+” button. You can drag folders or disks into the list.


Essentially, removing a volume from the privacy list rebuilds the focus index database on that volume.

If you add a Time Machine backup disk to the privacy list, you will continue to see messages that Spotlight is indexing your backup disk. This indexing is necessary for Time Machine to function properly and cannot be disabled. Spotlight excludes from searches any items you store on your backup disk that are not part of a Time Machine backup.

Tip 2. If you are using a volume on an external drive and have marked it as private, make sure the drive is working properly and is not slow or damaged. This could affect the performance of your reflector.

Tip 3. If your reflector shows a slow performance, you can try to optimize its performance by re-indexing . Drag the volume to the privacy list and then remove it again, allowing Spotlight to rebuild the indexes. Allowing Spotlight to reindex will improve search performance when you use it in the future. Remember that index reconstruction takes time.