Secret Trackpad Shortcuts Force Click to use your Mac like a pro

Force Click on Mac is similar to 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s series. Its a convenient way to delve into things like previewing a file and many others. Before you jump to your trackpad and try using Force Click, let me tell you that it is currently only available on 2015 MacBook and 2015 MacBooks Pro, and the new Magic Trackpad 2.

There are several Force Click shortcuts that would make your job much easier. Here we have listed 10 shortcuts you should know that every Mac user should memorize. Simply look at each of them and try to use it on your Mac to feel the difference.

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10 Secret Force Click Shortcuts for Trackpad

Strength of file preview Click on any document to see its preview and then decide whether to open it or not, making things much faster and easier.

File name change
To rename any file, just click Force and you can rename it instantly, saving a few clicks.

Search for the meaning of any word
In any document, click hard on any word you want to know the meaning for. A pop-up window will display the meaning from the dictionary or Wikipedia.

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Website preview
If you find a link in a document, just click Force to preview the website. That way, you dont need to start Safari to view the website.

Getting message details
Within a message, force click on any topic for details such as location, attachment and do not disturb.

Track a package
To get the tracking details of your package, simply click on the tracking number and you will get all the details related to your package.

See event details
Within the calendar, click on any date of the event and you will get information such as location, time and any other possible details related to that event.

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Address location preview
If you receive a mailing address, just click Force to preview the location on Maps.

Annotation of an image or PDF
When you receive any image or PDF in the mail, just click Force it and it will open directly in the dial-up extension.

Place a pin in Maps
On Maps, click on the location to place a pin.

Thats it folks; try these shortcuts and you will feel that things are much easier and faster.

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