iPhone VideoSound Application: Spice up Instagram and Facebook videos with your favorite music

Music has always been a top choice for fun. And when you mix it with your memorable videos and photos, it moves your heart with unbeatable joy. There are no better moments than watching your videos and photos with incredible music in the program.


VideoSound by Bits & Coffee lets you bring your Instagram and Facebook videos to life with your exclusive music instantly. With the ability to let you customize Instagram videos with the elegance you want, it has been updated to delight your music time with absolute perfection.

Add custom music to your video

With VideoSound, you can add music to your Facebook and Instagram videos. With the built-in microphone, you can add comments, describe videos as you like, and give them a more personal touch.

Making video slideshows will be an intuitive experience as you can edit them as you wish. With the audio input-output effect, you have the option to design your videos in an attractive way. Full HD, HD or VGA resolution will give your videos amazing effects.

The application not only keeps the quality of the videos intact, but also helps to give them a completely exciting look.

Create photo with music

You can create a photo with music simply by attaching a song to it. The joy of creating something very special with the photo you like is fabulous. It allows you to make photo slideshows directly within the application. You can import photos directly from Camera Roll.

Select some of your admirable photos to make a slideshow with some good photos and music through the purchase in the application.

Options for sharing your creativity on social sites

This is the age of social sites, as todays world lives by them. The application offers you several options such as Instagram, Facebook, Vine. You can even share it by email.

Thousands of options to customize your favorites

With this application, you will have a problem to spare, as there are a lot of options such as selecting the resulting video speed, a built-in sound recorder to record sound, selecting the start position of your song, the option to choose Full HD or VGA resolution and much more to design your things exactly the way you want.

VideoSound will move you endlessly, thats for sure! If adding music to your colorful videos hasnt been one of your indulgences, it will be. After all the memories, have a lasting abode in music videos created with your own hands.

The application comes with a commercial value of $ 0.99 and is available for download. It requires iOS 7 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Download VideoSound