iPhone MultiTimer Application: Multiple countdown timer with alarms to make the most of your time

Most of us do everything we can to get ahead of ourselves or never let ourselves be left behind. However, very few can match his steps with the unstoppable times. While most never manage to keep up with the hectic schedules, some barely make it.

Are you the one who is willing to adjust your daily life and be able to anticipate every schedule with maximum comfort? I would like to recommend a smart timer application that has been specifically designed to correct the complexities of managing your different activities, such as checking email, making a daily report, writing an article and more with pure fun. Since I had an interaction with it, it became my excellent tool to manage various activities accurately.


Ready to discover the secret of my improvement in some routine tasks? Here you go!

iPhone MultiTimer Application

MultiTimer ” is what can help you greatly to have a perfect control of your accelerated life. The highly advanced timer application for iPhone or iPad has some unique features designed to highlight the desired convenience of getting your schedule.

Set multiple timers at once


For example, I want to set ten timers related to my particular workspace, such as speech planning, writing a press release or cooking my favorite dish. I will be able to customize each timer according to my workspace, assign it a respective title, label it as desired and keep track of them. Thats great, isnt it? I personally appreciate these fairly easy-to-use features.

Incredibly simple functionality


A lot of features to make the most of your time

There are tons of functions that allow you to get the expected results. You can group the timers with a common title; customize the label, color and sound of each timer.

It also supports gestures to allow you to reorder or extend the timer as desired. The Today widget allows you to follow the progress instantly. The applications icon badge lets you know which timers are complete or active. You can also add timer icons and your favorite emoji to the timer badge.

The custom timer grid brings real fun into play. If you have Apple Watch, you wont need to use your iPhone to keep up to date or get the most out of this application directly from your wrist in a smart way (to a large extent).

As it weighs only 20 MB, you will not be bothered much by the space it takes up on your iOS device.

Available free with application purchases

The timer application (basic version) is available for free in the App Store. The Pro version of the application allows you to add additional workspaces, where each workspace has a custom timer grid and its own sound.

Since it also comes with purchases in the application, you can bring it to life as you wish. It is compatible with iOS 7 or later and developed to work on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Best of all

MultiTimer is by far the best application that you would like to set your runtime as smoothly as you want. Being remarkably easy in terms of functionality, it boasts the qualities to steal your heart.

Given the rich qualities, you would really enjoy trying it like I do ..!

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
Price: Free [Offers in the purchase of applications]
Download MultiTimer

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