How to zoom in and out on iPhone and iPad

Watching videos is one of the best leisure activities for you, especially when you watch small videos of your loved ones. Your childs little steps, a dinner at your favorite restaurant, your first wedding anniversary are some of the occasions you want to capture on your iPhone or iPad.

While there are some lovely moments and faces framed in a limited space, you would certainly flirt with the idea of zooming in on that video. If you could zoom in on the videos, it would be a visual treat for you to look at those faces up close.

The latest versions of iOS give you the freedom to zoom in on videos with your fingers. So keep reading and zoom in and out of your favorite videos stored in Camera Roll.

How to zoom in on videos on iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Launch the Photos application on your iPhone iPad.

Step 2. Now go to the video you want to watch. Then play it.

Step 3. While the video is playing on the screen, pinch with your fingers to zoom in. Now you can see the object up close. To return to the original size, pinch and the video will zoom out.

You can also use third-party camera applications such as Video Zoom 2 and Videon to zoom in and out of videos on your iPhone.

Now enjoy watching videos of your loved ones and see those beautiful moving images up close.

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