How to upgrade from Mojave Beta macOS to the official version

Now that the long wait is over, most of you will be ready to upgrade Mojave beta macOS to the final version. After being part of the beta testing for so long, Im also on the same flight and hope to get my hands on the official Mojave macOS release.

Talking about the process, it implies a little twist. For example, you cannot switch to the final version of macOS directly from the Software Update preference panel (as far as I can see). So, how do you pass? Do not worry Despite the twist, jumping to the public version of macOS is still simple. One important thing worth noting is that the process is the same for both public beta testers and developers. Let me guide you through the steps!

How to upgrade Mojave Beta macOS to the final version

Step 1. Start Mac App Store on your Mac.


Step 2. Now, search for Mojave macOS and when it appears, click on View .


>Step 3. The panel of Software Update preferences will appear on the screen.

Once>”Are you sure you want to download Mojave MacOS 10.14? . Click Download in the pop-up window to confirm.

The>Mojave MacOS Installer will start downloading . See the progress bar that shows the total size and estimated time.

>Stage 4. Once the download is complete, you should see the window “Install Mojave MacOS” . Click on Continue to start the update process.

Thats pretty much it! Now, wait patiently until the process is successfully completed.

What about beta updates?

Now, depending on your preference, you can continue to receive the latest beta updates or opt out of the beta program on your Mac – the choice is yours!

How to Cancel Your Mac to Stop Receiving Mojave Beta MacOS Updates

Step 1. Start System Preferences on your Mac.

>Step 2. Now click on Software Update.

>Step 3. Then click on Details just below the Software Update icon.

>Stage 4. Next, you will see a message that says ? This Mac is registered in the Apple Developer seed program. Do you want to restore the default update settings?

Click>Restore Defaults

Step 5. You must then confirm with your Touch ID or password that you wish to unsubscribe your Mac so that it no longer receives beta updates.


Stay tuned for more:

Now that you have the official version of macOS; start digging the operating system or customize it according to your workflow. On the way, if you find something unusual, keep us informed about it.

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