How to upgrade your iOS device wirelessly

Apple regularly publishes updates to its iOS software. These iOS updates bring new features and bug fixes. This article explains how you can update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch wirelessly (also known as over-the-air). Dont worry, this process is quite easy.

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Before upgrading:

1. Back up your device.

2.Make sure you have space available on your device. Simply tap Settings , General , Use to view the storage statistics. You may need to have up to 3GB of space available to download and install iOS. This space is needed to process the upgrade properly. If you do not have enough space, you have two options:

  • Use iTunes to update. iTunes downloads and stores the iOS software on your computer, not on your iOS device. Therefore, your device will need less space to update.
  • Remove content (applications, music, videos, photos, etc.) from your iPad or iPhone. not downloadable: there is not enough storage available to download these items

3. Connect your device to an electrical outlet. This is to ensure that you have enough battery power during the update, as updates can take several minutes, up to an hour.


Touch the Settings application on your home screen: