How to turn off or restart iPhone and iPad in iOS 11 without pressing the Power Button

There are many cases where the buttons do not respond at all. Therefore, it becomes a little uncomfortable to restart or turn off the iPhone. Personally, I have never enjoyed pressing two buttons at once to reboot my iOS device, as the process requires your fingers to put extra effort into doing the job. While there were some indirect ways you could reboot your device before, it has now become much easier, really! Not only can you shut down, but also reboot your iPhone and iPad even without pressing the buttons on iOS 11.

Hidden a bit in the Settings, there is a Power Off button that allows you to quickly turn off your iOS 11 devices. A reset button has been added to the AssistiveTouch menu that allows you to easily reboot your device. Read on to find out more!

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How to reboot iPhone and iPad without using buttons in iOS 11

Step 1. Launch the configuration application on your iOS device.

>Step 2. Touch General † Touch Accessibility.

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>Step 3. Touch AssistiveTouch.

>Stage 4. Toggle the switch.

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>Step 5. Next, you must touch the small AssistiveTouch icon that will appear on the screen.

Step 6. Touch Device .


Step 7. Touch More on the menu.

>Step 8. Finally, touch the Reset button.


How to turn off iPhone and iPad without pressing the power button on iOS 11

Step 1. Start the application Settings on your iOS device † Touch General .

>Step 2. Now, scroll down to the end and touch .


Step 3. Finally, slide to turn it off.


Log off

iOS 11 comes with several interesting features such as the dark mode (Smart Invert), screen recording functionality, etc. Personally, I am quite satisfied with that; even though there are still many features that have not been included in my wish list.

What is your opinion about the latest iOS ecosystem? Has it met your expectations? Feel free to shoot your views in the comments.

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