How to manage subscriptions on iPhone and iPad: two methods explained

Perhaps a new plan has caught your eye or youve finally decided to cancel an App Store subscription, as it no longer meets your expectations. Whatever you come up with, managing subscriptions on iPhone or iPad has become much easier now. And thats exactly what were going to cover in this guide.

Courtesy of the new shortcut, you can quickly view your Apple Music and other subscriptions from the App Store. Unlike before, the process seems to be more intuitive and straightforward.

One thing worth noting is that the latest version of iOS still allows you to manage everything from the Settings application. So, you have multiple ways to manage your purchases. Let me help you get started!

How to view, change or cancel iPhone or iPad subscriptions from the App Store

Step 1. Launch App Store on your iOS device.


Step 2. If your device is running iOS 12.1.4, touch your profile in the top right corner and then press Manage subscriptions.

>Note: In the previous version of iOS, you can touch your profile † touch Custom recommendations and then press Subscriptions.

>Step 3. You should then see all your subscriptions to App Store, Apple Music and other applications .


How to access App Store subscriptions from iOS settings

Step 1. Open the Settings application on your iOS device. Then press the icon on your profile and select iTunes & App Store.

Or>iTunes & App Store.

>Step 2. Now touch your Apple ID.

>Step 3. Then touch See Apple ID in the popup window. Then you must authenticate your account.

>Stage 4. Then touch Subscriptions.


Thats all about it!

Ending ? ¦

Personally; I find this new option more useful, as it allows you to easily immerse yourself in what you have subscribed to and take a look at everything. Let me know your thoughts on it below.

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