Managing Downloads in iOS 10

With iOS 10, Apple has added a number of new ways to interact with the operating system and its devices on a deeper level.

A new trick is deeper download management capabilities. Today we will show you how to manage your downloads with the new features of iOS 10.

To get started, you will need a device that has 3D Touch, i.e. an iPhone 6s or an iPhone 7.

Then download an item from the App Store.


First, you can cancel the download, which will remove the application or upgrade to the previous version.

You can also pause the download if you wish, which will stop it until the download continues again.

And, what is more interesting , you can prioritize the download, uploading it to the queue when several applications are downloaded.

This is a very useful feature. In older iOS, sometimes your downloads get stuck. We have seen this problem when downloading a podcast as an example. This would practically keep the queue for all other downloads until you return and tackle the blocked one.

With this new prioritization feature, you can now have more control over downloads from your application store. The 3D Touch features available in iOS 10 have undergone a makeover. If you are interested in other new features of 3D Touch in iOS 10, please see our publication here .

Does the application store download with Touchid not work on iOS 10?

Several users of iPhone 7 iPhone 7 + have discovered that when trying to download applications using Touch-id on their new devices. When you click on the install button, the touch identification indicator will appear, however, it will not download. It will take you back to the original screen and ask you to download.

If you have this problem with your iPhone, disable Touch-id for app store and iTunes purchases. Turn off your iPhone. Turn it back on and re-enable the Touch-id feature for the app store and iTune purchases. This toggle should help you solve this annoying problem.

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