Making the most of the new Control Center in iOS 10

iOS 10, to be released this fall, includes a number of new settings and features for iOS devices. One feature that has been seriously redesigned is the Control Center.

The Control Center, which is still accessible by pulling from the bottom of the screen, includes the same basic functions as the previous version of iOS, but also new hidden surprises.

This is whats new:

When>However, the first major change here is the AirPlay button. This is actually a dedicated AirPlay duplication button, which puts the function in the front and center. With this function, you can easily push the screen of your iOS devices to your Apple TV.

The next major change has to do with 3D Touch. By touching 3D in any of the application shortcuts below, you will be given access to the application functions directly from the Control Center:







The new Control Center will be launched along with iOS 10 this fall, but you can try it out now with the iOS 10 Public Beta Program. For more information on the public beta program, read our guide to installing betas.

As we move forward, we will update the article with any new features or tips that are published.

What has been your experience with iOS 10 so far?