How to increase the volume of navigation on Google Maps on iPhone or iPad

By default, Google Maps navigation volume is at an average level. But that doesnt help when youre riding a bike with continuous honking, or when youre in a car going on vacation, and everyone is singing out loud. In such cases, you should increase the orientation volume of Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad.

A similar navigation volume control is available in the default iOS Maps application, but as it is generally not used by many, very few have noticed it. Anyway, if you have trouble hearing the navigation commands, here is a quick guide to their rescue. Follow the steps below to increase the volume of Google Maps navigation on your iPhone or iPad.

How to adjust Google Maps orientation volume on iPhone or iPad

Method 1. While using the application

Step 1. Start Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad.

>Step 2. Enter the destination in the “Search Here” field .

>Step 3. Then touch the “Home” button in the bottom row.


Stage 4. Now, touch the small handle at the bottom. Then, touch Settings.

Here>”Guide Volume” with three buttons: SOFTEST, NORMAL, HIGHEST.

NORMAL will be the default selection in the application. You can tap LOUDER to increase the volume of the guide on Google Maps.


Method 2. From the Google Maps application configuration

In this method, you do not need to start the navigation.

Step 1. Open the Google Maps application on your iOS device. † Touch the Menu .

>Step 2. Then touch the Settings iconNavigation.

>Step 3. You will find these three buttons in “Guide Volume”. Select LOUDER and exit the application.


You have successfully increased the orientation volume on Google Maps.

Signing ? ¦

Apple maps and Google Maps consume a lot of your devices battery; in addition, when you turn on the guide volume, the battery has to carry an extra charge. To save battery power, use this feature wisely on your iPhone or iPad. A better way is to download Google Maps offline to your iOS device.

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