How to fix your disabled Apple ID today!

Do you see the message that your Apple ID has been deactivated? If so, you are not alone! When it comes to the security of your Apple ID, Cupertino Company takes things very seriously.

Apple offers some methods, including two-factor authentication using trusted devices, phone numbers or security questions, as well as an older two-step verification method to make your accounts more secure.

However, if you forgot your Apple ID password and tried the wrong password more than three times, automatically disable your Apple ID .

We have heard from some readers that they struggle to fix their disabled Apple ID. Usually this problem is a simple solution and therefore we will guide you through the necessary steps.


A disabled Apple ID does not allow you to perform any activity with your Apple ID.

This restriction includes things like buying an App Store application, downloading multimedia content from iTunes or reading emails on your iCloud account, essentially putting things on hold.

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Forgot my Apple ID?

Most Apple IDs are the primary email address of your Apple ID account. So try it if you forgot your Apple ID. Another easy way is to check your devices.

Most of us log in with our Apple ID on our iPhones, iPads or Mac, so check your Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes and App Store profile and see if these applications and settings include your Apple ID. If that didnt work, try logging in with all the previous e-mail addresses you might have used as your Apple ID.

Dont do THIS!

If you keep trying with the wrong password, again and again , Apple locks your account and places it in a waiting room for approximately 24 hours (where you cant access your Apple ID even if you remember that correct password).

Therefore, if you forget your password, . The best remedy for a forgotten password is to reset your password.

How to fix your disabled Apple ID and restore it

You need this information: first name, last name and email address associated with your Apple ID to correct the disabled Apple ID. You must know the email address associated with your Apple ID.

If your Apple ID is disabled, they only say that your account is disabled for security, and you can find one of these three states on your account:

  • “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons”.
  • “You cannot log in because your account was disabled for security reasons.
  • “Your Apple ID has been blocked for security reasons”.

If the problem only occurs with issues related to the App Store iTunes Store, you should call AppleCare as only iTunes phone support can fix it.

We have also added the Apple Support page for ID related issues at the end of the article. You can use it to set up a chat or phone call with Apple iTunes Support.

Step 1: correct your Apple ID account using any web browser on any computer or device using the desktop site

Open a web browser such as Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and go to this website: I forgot my Apple ID information to redirect it to Apples iForgot page.

Step 2: Complete your data

After typing your data, click on the button Continue .

>Step- 3: on the next screen, choose your method to reset your Apple ID

Choose how to reset your password using one of these four methods

  • Select Answer security questions and follow the steps.
  • Tap Get an email to reset your password. Apple sends an email to your primary (or rescue) email address (the steps are listed directly below)
  • When you enable two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, resetting your password is easy with any of your trusted devices. Switch to two-factor authentication
  • If you have two-step verification enabled, Apple requests a recovery key, follow the steps for two-step verification. Jump to two-step verification

>Step-4: check your email

However, if you do not use the two-factor (or step) verification methods, you should go to your email account and check the recent email from Apple. In your email, click Reset Now

>Step 5: type in the new password and click on Reset Password

It is crucial that the new password is different from the one you used last time with your Apple account.

Step- 7: Thats it!

Apple resets the password and your account should return to normal. This is what the screen looks like.


Using two-factor verification?

On your iPhone or iDevice

  1. Open a trusted device
  2. Go to Settings ; Apple profile ; Password and security ; Change password
    1. With iOS 10.2 or earlier, play iCloud ; your name
  3. Follow the steps on screen to update your password


  1. Go to Apple menu ; System Preferences ; iCloud ; Account Details
  2. Select Security ; Reset password
    1. Before resetting your Apple ID password, enter the password used to unlock your Mac

Without access to a reliable device?

  1. Use a friends iPhone or iDevice
  2. Open the application Search my iPhone
    1. If a login screen appears, tap I forgot my Apple ID or password and follow the on-screen steps
    2. Dont you see a login screen? Tap Logout. After your friend logs out, tap I forgot my Apple ID or Password, and follow the on-screen steps

Dont forget to add reliable phone numbers!

Once your Apple ID works again, it is essential to add more than one reliable phone number to your Apple ID (and iCloud) account.

To add trusted numbers, go to Settings ; Apple ID profile ; Passwords and security ; Edit ; Add trusted phone number.


Adding additional trusted phone numbers helps you prove your identity and recover your Apple ID and iCloud account when you forget your password.

If you use two-step verification

With two-step verification, Apple requires you to verify your identity by entering your recovery key. When you enabled two-step verification, Apple provided you with a 14-character recovery key with instructions for printing and storing it in a secure location.

To correct your Apple ID, use this recovery key to regain access to your account.

If you have permanently lost your Recovery Key or access to your trusted device, you cannot change your password


  1. Enter your Apple ID, select the option to reset your password
  2. Enter your recovery key for two-step verification
  3. Then choose one of your trusted devices. Apple sends your device a verification code
  4. Enter that verification code
  5. Create a new password and then select Reset Password

After resetting your password, log in again with your new password. And dont forget to update your password in Settings on all your devices, App Store, iTunes Store and Mac.

The Last Stop: Account Recovery (for people using two-factor authentication)


What is account recovery?

Account recovery is Apples automated process that attempts to return you to your Apple ID account as quickly as possible while denying access to unauthorized users.


Only use account recovery when all other options are exhausted or not possible!

  • Did you try to reset your forgotten password from a trusted device? If not, try this step first
  • Try resetting your Apple ID or password from someone elses iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using your Find My iPhone application

Account recovery on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

  1. Go to Settings ; Login
    1. For iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings ; iCloud
  2. Select Dont have an Apple ID or forget it, then tap Forgot my Apple ID
  3. Enter your Apple ID and tap Next
  4. Enter your trusted phone number and then tap Next
  5. Follow all steps on screen

Account recovery on a Mac

  1. Go to Apple menu ; System Preferences ; iCloud
  2. Click I forgot my Apple ID or password
  3. Enter your Apple ID and click Continue
  4. Enter your trusted phone number and then click Continue
  5. Follow the steps on screen

What happens after I start the account recovery?

Once you request the account recovery, look for a confirmation email from Apple. This email should include the date and approximate time when you can expect to regain access.

Then, be patient and wait for the recovery process to be completed, usually just a few days. Once the account recovery is complete, Apple sends you a text message or makes an automated phone call with step-by-step instructions to regain access to your account.

Check account recovery progress

If you need to check the progress of your recovery request, go to and look at the estimated time until your account is ready for recovery.

Do you want to cancel the account recovery?

If you can regain access in another way and want to cancel the account recovery, open the email confirmation and tap the link to cancel the account recovery.

If you remember your Apple ID and log in (or regain access to a trusted device thats already logged in), Apple automatically cancels your account recovery request.

Contact iTunes support

Many Apple ID related issues are often resolved by Apples iTunes support staff . They are a group of friendly people who work hard behind the scenes to keep us happy with iFolks.

If you are unsure of the above steps or are having difficulty with this error and have tried all the basics, please contact Apple iTunes Support. To get started, just go to the Apple support link

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see “Wants to talk to someone”. Click here and continue. You should be able to get support from Apple via chat or your phone.

Account recovery not working?

If you still cannot start the account recovery process and cannot access ANY of your trusted devices or use a different Apple device, go to Apples iforgot site
  1. Enter your Apple ID
  2. Enter the code, you will see and select Continue
  3. Enter your trusted phone number and press Continue
  4. Touch No access to your devices or reliable phone numbers
  5. Choose Start account recovery

Contact Apple ID support team


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