How to fix the wallpaper zoom with the iOS 7.1 perspective zoom function

With iOS 7.1, Apple introduced a new alternator when setting a wallpaper (for the home screen or the lock screen) on your iPhone or iPad called Perspective Zoom. What it basically does is keep the animations but prevents the wallpaper from zooming in on the home screen lock screen.

The background expands a little to give that feeling of depth: parallax. Perspective zoom has been added as an option that will control this parallax effect. Disabling this will remove the parallax animation (thus preventing iOS from zooming in on the background).

So, if you do not want the iPhone to expand its perfect wallpaper and omit the details of the corners of the photo, you do not have to resort to the many solutions we have discussed . You do not have to install applications to solve the problem of zoom. At least, this is how it looks for the moment.

To disable wallpaper zoom control:

Step 1. Open the configuration application.

Step 2. Tap on Wallpapers and Brightness.

Step 3. Tap on the screens under Choose Wallpaper.

Stage 4. You should see the alternation Perspective Zoom. Tap to turn it off.

But this as such does not fix everything. You must make sure that Reduce Motion is off (not on). In our previous solutions where we wanted to reduce the animation effect (causing motion sickness in some people), we had to turn it on to reduce the motion. In this case, we will change it back to the default value (which is off).

Step 1. Go to Settings † General † Accessibility

Step 2. Touch Reduce motion and turn it off.

With this, your iPhone should no longer zoom in (when applied as wallpaper) abnormally and distort the beauty of the image. But the animations work. Therefore, it is designed to be beneficial to all users who want the animations but do not want the wallpaper to be enlarged.

If you are not yet in iOS 7.1 or if you prefer an alternative solution, please refer to this publication to solve your wallpaper zoom problems.