How to fix the dim screen of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: there are 6 ways to fix it

What happened to the screen of my iPhone? Why has the screen become so dim? Are there any easy solutions to fix the dark screen of the iPhone 7 7Plus?

Yes, you can solve problems with the dark screen of your iPhone. However, you will have to try some solutions to the problem that could be due not only to technical software problems but also to disorderly settings. Let me accompany you through the guide!


How to fix the dim screen of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

  • Did you adjust the brightness correctly? Make sure you have adjusted the brightness level on your iPhone correctly. Simply slide up from the bottom of the screen, then drag the brightness slider to the right-left to adjust it.
  • Restart your iPhone: the easiest and fastest way to fix some minor problems, such as freezing the touch screen, is to reboot the device. Therefore, its worth trying.

Simply press and hold the ON/OFF button and the volume down button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Solution no. 1: disable automatic brightness

Auto-Brightness uses a light sensor to adjust the brightness of your device according to the environment. Sometimes, you may not be able to adjust the brightness level perfectly. As a result, the screen of your device may be too bright or too dim.

Step 1. Configuration † Screen and brightness.

>Step 2. Turn off auto-brightness.

>Solution 2: Deactivate inverted colors, color filters

Inverted colors and color filters are a very useful feature for people with less visibility or color blindness. If someone has unknowingly enabled them on their iPhone, the screen will be darkened.

Configuration † General † Accessibility † Screen adaptations † Color filters and turn off the switch.




Solution 3: Disable Reduce White Spot

When the Reduce white point option is enabled, the intensity of bright colors will be reduced on your device.

Configuration † General † Accessibility † Show Hosting † Disable the switch next to Reduce white point.


Solution 4. Disable Reduce transparency

Allows you to improve contrast by decreasing transparency. Turning it off may help.

Step 1. Tap Configuration † General † Accessibility.

>Step 2. Touch Increase contrast .

>Step 3. Deactivate Reduce transparency . Also, be sure to turn off the switch next to Darken Colors as well.

>Solution 5. Reset all settings

Reset your iPhone to factory settings if you have not already fixed this problem. Does not delete any data or media stored on your device.

Configuration † General † Reset † Reset all configurations.


Solution 6: What if nothing works?

Have all the above solutions failed to solve the problem? Then upgrade your iPhone to the latest version. It is best to keep your device updated for a smooth browsing experience.

Configuration † General † Software update.

If the problem continues even after the software update, please contact Apple for assistance.


The problem with the dim screen is easy to solve, as it is probably due to incorrect settings. Im sure these solutions can work to solve the problem. I would be very happy if you share any tricks that might solve it.

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