How to fix problematic applications on your Apple Watch

So, he has the newest model of Apple Watch and is very excited to test all his applications, including native and third party applications. But as he runs this new Apple Watch through his steps, he discovers that many third-party Apple Watch applications do not work. And many are his personal favorites and like Facebook Messenger, Swarm, Skype, etc.

Instead>Its frustrating when you easily get notified of these applications on your watch, but as soon as you knock to open, it gets stuck charging and loading ? I want to say that we really like these Apple Watches and want to use them every day as much as possible, but this kind of problem makes it impossible! So, what should a girl (or boy) do?

Troubleshooting non-working Apple Watch third-party applications

While the Apple Watch is a great kit, it is a fact that you may occasionally experience problems with the third-party applications you have installed. For example, applications may simply refuse to install, or may not open, or may not display the correct application icon (my personal error!)

Unfortunately, in general, there is not much you can do to really fix the bad behavior of Apple Watch applications, but there are a couple of pretty obvious things you can try to fix the problems, which in most cases solve the problems.

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In most cases, it is also worth trying to restart your Apple Watch and your iPhone.

Applications will not be installed

Sometimes Apple Watch applications simply dont install, or seem to take forever. In this case, its quite simple to use the Watch application on your iPhone, find the offending application in the application list and disable the option Show application on Apple Watch . After the application has been removed or disabled, try turning the switch back on. In many cases, the second time seems to work and the application is installed on your watch.


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  1. Place your Apple Watch in its charger with power connected AND connect your iPhone to the power
    1. Now try to open the third party application
  2. Open the Music application on your iPhone and play a song.
    1. Now try to open the third party application
  3. Open the Watch application on your iPhone
    1. Go to the tab My watch
      1. Scroll down and touch the name of the application that will not open
      2. Disable the Show application in Apple Watch option
        1. Pause for a few moments
        2. Try activating that option again
      3. Now try to open the third party application
  4. Try to play music while uninstalling and installing the third-party application
  5. Play music while installing the third-party application on a new restart clock

If none of the above suggestions solve your problem with Apple Watchs third-party applications, try unpairing and re-pairing your watch

Apple Watch Third Party Applications and Compatibility

However, sometimes there may simply be a problem with application compatibility and watchOS. In those cases, there is not much you can do, except wait for the application developer to fix the problem and try again. You can always try to unlink and re-pair your Apple Watch or even reset it completely (more on that later), although resetting is a rather drastic step to repair just one application.

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Matching and unmatching your Apple clock

  1. The Watch application on your iPhone automatically backs up and always includes a new backup before unpairing through the application
  2. Choose to restore the clock by restoring from the backup
    1. Most of your data and settings are restored with a few exceptions, such as access codes and Apple Pay information

If you decide to reset your Apple Watch, make sure you have backed it up through iCloud first. Apple says that the watch is automatically backed up on your iPhone, but to be sure its worth unpairing it and linking it back to your iPhone as a new backup is created.

You can unlink in the Watch application by selecting Apple Watch from the menu and choosing Unlink Apple Watch . The next time you open the application, you will be able to match restore the clock.


It seems quite common that newly installed applications do not correctly display an application icon, but instead display the default icon. This is quite annoying and seems to happen almost at random without an easy way to know if the icon will be displayed or not.


After a quick restart of the Apple Watch (hold down the side “contacts” button and select Off, followed by a long press of the same button to turn it back on), the application icon appeared. Hopefully this type of problem is one that Apple will fix in an update of watchOS , Β¦


Even more annoying than missing application icons, is when an application you have installed simply wont open. Sometimes its even worse, as applications that once worked seem to suddenly stop working, perhaps as a result of an application update or something completely unknown.

As an example, my banking application (which I use without problems on my iPhone) never opens on my Apple Watch. The application displays the familiar spinning icon (loading) but never actually opens and works. Even after uninstalling and removing it several times (which is definitely worth trying), it still wont open.

Some>In these cases, you can also check that you do not have the iPhone version of the application open or running as a background task, as there have been some reports on Internet forums that forced the closing of the application on the iPhone. the trick.

Unfortunately, this is the worst kind of problem for Apple Watch, and so far there is no definitive answer why some applications simply refuse to open.

In these cases, it is worth reinstalling the application, but often there is also a setting or option in the iPhone version of the application to enable Apple Watch support. Its worth checking those applications to see if there are any additional steps you should take.

It>Reset your Apple Watch

Sometimes it is advisable to reset and restore your Apple Watch (or simply reconfigure it from scratch) if you have too many problems with third-party applications.

To do this, select the application Settings on the clock and choose General , or from the iPhone application choose General and scroll down to Reset at the bottom. On the next screen, you will have several options:

You>Watch on the iPhone.

Remove your music

Believe it or not, some of our readers report success with these steps. This suggestion is to eliminate all music. Just keep in mind that if you store a lot of music on your iPhone, it could take a long time to sync everything back to your iPhone for these basic third-party applications to work.

  • On your iPhone, go to: Settings , General , Storage and iCloud usage , In the Storage section, tap Manage Storage , Music , Edit (top right corner) , delete All songs.
  • Back up your iPhone to iCloud (do not restart your iPhone later, just back it up):
    • How to back up your devices with iCloud or iTunes ?” Apple Support
  • Also back up (but do not sync) your iPhone to iTunes, by selecting the option for “Encrypt iPhone backup” (again, do not restart your iPhone later, just make the backup):
    • How to back up your devices with iCloud or iTunes ?” Apple Support
  • Then, try again to open each of the affected applications.
  • The music can be added back to your iPhone after trying these steps.

Contact an external developer

Many applications have integrated feedback tools. For example, you provide feedback on application performance (or complaints) to Facebook Messenger directly through the Messenger application. Simply go to your Facebook Messenger application, press the β„’ tab and select the β„’ tab for an issue. And send them what is happening.


Like any new device, Apple Watch still has a fair amount of user interface issues and problems with applications not loading or showing missing icons. Over time, watchOS updates constantly correct errors, but there are still too many errors for my taste. This year should see the new Apple Watch hardware and the release of watchOS 3.0, so hopefully the remaining problems will be solved sooner rather than later.

Do you have any useful tips or tricks that have helped you solve an application problem on your Apple Watch? If so, let us know in the comments or send us an email; wed love to hear about your own experiences.

Meanwhile, there is still a lot of fun and use of the Apple Watch and check back for more news, opinion articles and Apple Watch guides in the near future.