How to fix iMessage messages and problems in iOS 11

Some of our readers report on iMessage messages and problems in iOS 11. Specifically, sometimes the texts dont seem to work at all, and texts are not sent or delivered! So, if your iDevices are running iOS 11 or higher and you are having problems with messages, dont give up! We have some excellent tips here to solve these kinds of problems.

Do you use a different version of iOS?

  • See this article for problems with the iMessage and Message i OS 12 application
  • If you use iOS 10 and have problems with messages , please refer to this article
  • And if you still use iOS 9, see this article to solve your problems with iOS 9 messages

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iOS 10 brought us a major revision of iMessage, and we loved it! With iOS 11, things are a little more relaxed. Still, there are some really interesting new features for check-out, including some new screen effects (Echo and Spotlight) and a new simplified application drawer.


We really like the new App Drawer! Sitting at the bottom of the message screen, its much easier to access apps, emojis, games, stickers and even Apple Pay in iOS 11. Just swipe and tap, thats all.


If you are using a small screen iPhone, such as the SE or 5S, you may want that actual screen to write your messages instead of showing the application drawer. Or maybe you just dont want to see this function. Whatever the reason, there is a trick that makes the application drawer disappear. And its easy.


Peer-to-peer payments

With your Apple Pay Messages application, sending and receiving money using Apple Pay and a connected debit or credit card is super simple. Of course, receiving is ALWAYS better than sending!

Send money in Messages with your Touch ID Receive any cash of equal value on the new Apple Pay Cash card in your Wallet application. Use this same Pay Cash card for any Apple Pay purchase or transfer it to your linked bank account. Of course, sending money using Messages requires an Apple Pay-compatible device. But thats a long list now, including iPhone SE, iPhone 6 models or later, all iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 or later, and their Apple watches.


Peer-to-peer payments are for U.S. residents only.

But the biggest iOS 11 update for messages is Storage Management

Okay, its not sexy and probably not much fun. But managing the storage of your iPhone, iPad or iPod is IMPORTANT . Especially for those of us with those 16GB phones, we know the pain of those ominous messages of “Storage almost full” or “Cannot take a picture” .

And inside iOS 11 there are some amazing storage management tools !


Do you want to get rid of the confirmation to delete message?

With the release of iOS 11.3, Apple added a new approval process for deleting text and message conversations. Instead of simply swiping to delete, you must now confirm your deletion requests. So it is now a three-step process to delete each message (swipe, tap delete, then confirm).

Unfortunately, at this time there is no way to go back to the old way of removing messages and text. So, if youre one of the people who really dont like this change, consider informing Apple through their product feedback site.

We speculate that adding this confirmation is in preparation for the launch of Messages in the Cloud .

You dont receive iMessages? iMessage is inactive?

>So sometimes you really are not You, its me (me = Apple, not AppleToolBox)! Periodically, the Apple system services fall. That includes a lot of things, from the App Store to Apple Music, from iCloud to iBooks And, of course, iMessage. So, before you have many problems, check Apples system status page to see if the problem is happening on your side of the fence.

iMessage doesnt work on iPad or iPhone? review the basics!

In all our years of iOS updates and associated text messaging and messaging application issues, the following ten tips will solve most problems. So, lets start SIMPLE.

Quick Tips

  1. Restart>
  2. For iPhone X, close the Messages application by sliding up from the Gesture Bar until you see the application preview cards, then stop your finger or press hard until you see a red minus sign in the corners of the application cards. Then touch that minus sign or slide up in the preview to close. Yes, its confusing!
  3. For more instructions on how to close applications on your iPhone X, read this article.
  • Be sure to apply enough pressure with your finger or pencil to the Send Message button (the up-arrow icon to the right of your message). And hold that tap longer than usual to allow the Send with Effects menu to appear.
    1. For iFolks with 3D Touch, a light touch is all you need
    2. For iFolks without 3D Touch, a firm, long touch is what you need
  • Go to Settings ; Messages ; Send and Receive and make sure that your phone number AND Apple ID (or iCloud email) are present and have a check mark beside them. This often makes things right away.
  • Update contact information. Go to Settings ; Messages and activate Show contact pictures and filter unknown senders
  • Reboot your iOS device by pressing and holding the power off button until you see the slider. Then slide the slider to turn your device off
  • Activate the Airplane Mode and turn it off by going to Settings , Airplane Mode or with the Control Center Airplane Mode button
  • Turn iMessage off and on by going to Settings ; Messages
  • Check that SMS and MMS are activated. Go to Settings ; Messages and activate Send as SMS and MMS messages
  • Check your font size to see if it was reset after the update. Go to Settings ; Display and brightness ; Text size . Adjust it to a smaller size
  • It is likely that a connection problem may cause this problem. Resetting the network settings may solve this. Simply tap General Settings; choose Reset Network Settings
  • Some users stated that disabling WiFi Assist solves this problem. If you want to try this tip, go to Settings ; Cellular ; and disable WiFi Assist
  • Make sure that the Date and Time setting is set to “Automatically set” in General Settings; Date and Time
  • You can try changing your DNS settings and try again if this solves your iMessage problem. To do this, tap Settings ; Wi-Fi . Locate your wireless connection and then touch (i). Now tap the DNS field and enter (this is Googles public DNS)
  • Try a forced reboot

    How to perform a hard reboot on iPhone models

    • On an iPhone 6S or lower, plus all iPads and iPod Touch, press Start and Power at the same time until you see the Apple logo
    • For iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: press and hold the side and volume down buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo
    • On an iPhone X or iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus: quickly press and release the Volume Up button. Then quickly press and release the button to decrease the volume. Finally, press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo

    Cant you use a different Apple ID for messages?

    An important change under the roof in iOS 11 is that you can no longer log in to iMessage with a different Apple ID. Messages now have the primary Apple iCloud ID, which appears in Settings , Apple ID Profile.

    So, if you need to log in to a separate Apple ID for Messages versus iCloud, this is the solution. First, log out of iCloud by going to Settings ; Apple ID Profile ; Log out (scroll down to see this option). Apple asks you for your password and confirms that you are logging out of Search My iPhone (iPad).

    Once you have logged out of iCloud, return to iMessage Settings and log in with your other Apple ID. When iMessage is activated, open your messaging application and send receive some text messages to confirm that it works.

    Once confirmed, return to Settings and log back into iCloud with your usual Apple ID.

    Yes, what real pain!

    iMessage waiting for activation?

    1. Go to Settings ; Messages and turn off iMessage
    2. Disable Facetime
    3. Exit your Apple ID
      1. Go to Settings ; iTunes and App Store ; Tap Apple ID ; Logout
    4. Activates the airplane mode
      1. Wifi is automatically turned off.
      2. Turn on Wifi
    5. Return to Settings ; Messages and activate iMessage
      1. Enter your Apple ID and password
    6. Go to Settings and turn off the Airplane mode
      1. If you see a notice that says ? ˜Su provider can charge by SMS ?
      2. If not, go to Messages, turn OFF iMessage and then turn it ON again.
    7. Wait a few minutes and your iMessage should activate

    Get more tips on problems with iMessage activation in this article .

    iMessage problems: effects dont work

    One of the most common complaints we hear is that your iMessage effects dont work. If the effects of your message dont work, check that both you (the sender) and the recipient of the message are running iOS 11 . The full iMessage effects only work when all receiving devices are running the last iOS . If not, then most of these animations are sent as static images.

    Does Message not work for one person?

    If so, be sure to send your messages through iMessage and not as SMS text messages . The quick and easy way to know is that iMessage messages are blue and SMS MMS text messages are green. The effects only work on iMessage texts, the blue ones. >

    And remember, iMessage effects only work on people with iPhones, iPads and other Apple products. So, if your friend or co-workers have an Android phone, the effects will not be broadcast. Yes, its easy to forget.

    The effects still dont work?

    • Check that you are pressing the on-screen buttons enough. Remember, the effects only appear when you hold down the send button (the up arrow icon to the right of your message).
    • The first thing you should check is that Reduce Motion is turned off. Check General ; Accessibility ; Reduce motion ; Off


    Of course, iOS 11 brings with it some new emoji. This year they include a male yogi, an elf, a genie, a zombie, a breastfeeding woman, a new zebra, a bearded person, a new dinosaur and a woman with a hijab (headscarf). And there is a lot of new yellow also emoji of face, as a star and head explosion. What fun, every year we have more and more emoji icons to express our feelings moment by moment, all without using words. Yes, a picture is worth more than a million words.


    Sometimes iMessage users experience problems with the predictive emoji that does not appear. Often, the predictive text bar does not show a corresponding emoji, so users are forced to find them manually.

    • Go to General Settings ; Keyboard ; Predictive . Activate and deactivate this option a couple of times, and end up activating (green)
    • Go to Settings , Reset. Tap Reset Keyboard Dictionary. Enter your password if prompted and tap Reset Dictionary again. Once the dictionary is restored, go back to General Settings; Keyboards . And touch Edit and delete Emoji keyboard. Once deleted, select Add new keyboard and select the Emoji keyboard
    • For those who have multiple keyboards installed, hold down the balloon icon and select the Emoji keyboard. The predictive emoji does NOT work on the Gboard keyboard or other third party keyboards. Currently, Gboard offers emoji suggestions on the top bar of the keyboard, right next to the Google icon.

    No time? Watch our video for emoji predictive


    If you dont receive messages until several hours after they are sent or the messages from you are in your sent messages, the problem is usually how to configure your FaceTime application. You may even receive a “delivered” notice, but the messages do not arrive immediately. Usually this means that your phone number does not show a check mark next to it in the FaceTime application.

    Tosolve>Settings> FaceTime . Turn FaceTime off, then back on. You see a message that it ? 10 waiting for activation. If asked, tap˜use Apple ID for FaceTime.™ You know it ? ™s ready when your phone number shows a check mark. Use iMessage and confirm it €™s working properly.If that didnt work, a times a simple reboot can solve the problem with delayed messages. If you are still having problems, log out of all Messaging and FaceTime accounts on each device and then log back in to each one. Some users also report problems with delayed messages when using a VPN.

    Not sending SMS text messages?

    Having trouble sending regular text messages from your mobile iPhone or iPad after your upgrade to the latest iOS? If so, check Settings ; Messages ; and verify that both Send and SMS and MMS Messaging are ON. If they are already ON, try turning them OFF and then ON again.

    Didnt help? Try turning it off and restarting or forcing the reboot. Once your device boots up, go back to Message Settings and re-enable Send as SMS.

    iPhone does not send text messages to Android?

    Several readers tell us that their iPhones do not send text messages to their friends and family with Android. Fortunately, one reader found a solution that worked for them. First, before sending a text message to that Android user, turn off WiFi and mobile data through the settings menu. Then, send a text message to that person with this turned off. After repeated attempts, iMessage gives you the “undelivered” message. Now, instead of frustration, turn your WiFi and mobile data back on and touch the small icon next to “undelivered”. Now, send as a text message and the message is delivered as a text message!

    You must perform this procedure for each person, but only ONCE.

    This solution allowed me to send text messages to my friends and family on Android. I hope this helps you too!

    iMessage Repeating Messages (sends the same message multiple times) or Alerts


    If>General Settings; Reset Network Settings . Then turn off iMessage and then turn it back on.


    1. Settings ; Notifications ; Messages , disable Allow Notifications
    2. Settings ; Messages, turn off iMessage
    3. Reset
    4. Re-enable message notifications, then re-enable iMessage, in that order

    Set alerts for never

    • Settings ; Notifications ; Messages ; Repeat alerts ; Never


    Are your iMessage conversations out of order?

    This is quite annoying and problematic with messages not appearing in the order they are received or sent, which makes reading and following messages a nightmare! Unfortunately, quite a few readers report that they have problems with their texts appearing in the wrong conversation order, forcing them to try and solve everything in order to make sense of the text thread. While there is no single solution that works for everyone, here is a list of things that worked for our readers.

    Corrections for when text messages appear out of service

    • For people who own more than one Apple device that is connected to the same Apple ID, check that the Date and Time on each device is exactly the same. Otherwise, update each device to display the same information. Set manually if the Auto Set function is not reflected at the same time for each device. Setting the exact same time on all connected devices with Apple ID helps to correct time stamps in your messages
      • On a Mac, deselect “Set Date and Time Automatically”, click on todays date on the calendar, drag the clock hands to display the correct time (or enter the time), and then click Save
      • In iDevices, turn off Auto Set and tap Time Zone and enter the city name letter by letter with the time zone you want and press Search. If iOS cannot identify your city, choose a nearby city that is in the same time zone. If that is not an option, press Date and choose your current time using the selection tool
    • Deactivate the automatic time and day by going to General Setup , Date and Time and deactivating Automatic Setup. Then reboot your device and re-enable Auto Set
    • Force the reset of ALL your iDevices connected to Apple ID
      • On an iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus: quickly press and release the Volume Up button. Quickly press and release the button to decrease the volume. Then, press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo
      • On an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: press and hold the side and volume down buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo
      • On an iPhone 6s and earlier, iPad or iPod touch: press and hold the Home and Top (or side) buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo
    • For Mac, reset your timestamp by going to System Preferences , Date and Time. On the Date & Time tab, deselect “Set Date & Time Automatically”, click on todays date on the calendar, drag the clock hands to display the correct time (or enter the time), then click Save. Then go back and re-enable “Automatically set date and time”, and choose the Apple network time server for your current (or desired) location

    Cant you see the backward arrow?

    Several readers report that they are not seeing the back arrow to return to message conversations after writing and sending a message. The only way to go back and see all the messages is to close and then open the message application, not efficiently! Fortunately, one reader, Jen, shared a great tip that worked for her: change the font size. Go to Settings ; Display and brightness ; Text size. And reduce your font size. See if that makes a difference.

    Also, upgrade to the latest iOS 11 version: we have received several reports that upgrading to the next minor iOS 11 update solved this particular and peculiar problem. To check if there is an update, go to Settings , Software Update.

    Failure to write a message

    Some users have this very annoying problem. iMessage often crashes during use. A tip that works is to disable the following keyboard settings: Auto Cap, AutoCorrect, Predictive and Check Spelling. Go to General Settings ; Keyboards and disable these functions. This is more of an alternative solution, but it works and mitigates the lockup problem.

    “Service denied” text message from “Unknown”.

    Do you receive a “Service Denied” text message from the “Unknown” sender? Try turning the mobile data on and off and then on again ( , Cellular Data ). If that didnt work, report the message to your cell phone company. The problem is probably your cell phone provider and not your Apple iDevice iPhone.

    No message notifications?

    If you dont receive any alerts that you have new messages, take a look at this article for some tips on how to retrieve your notifications.

    A reader discovered that he did not receive a message tone if a conversation was open. When he closed his open threads of conversation, so only the headers are visible, his iPhone rang with text tones! Another tip is that iPad users should keep a new message open so that existing conversations are not visible.

    Did you lose your messages or delete them accidentally?

    Thats the beauty of going backwards! So, if you routinely back up via iCloud or iTunes, dont worry, chances are those messages are in your backups! See this article on how to recover those messages deleted from backups .

    Not receiving messages on your Mac?

    First, check Settings ; Messages ; Send and Receive and verify that your Apple ID, phone number and all your email addresses (including the iCloud email address) are marked. If prompted, tap Use your Apple ID for iMessage. Then start the Messages application on your Mac and open Preferences via the top menu Messages . Select Accounts and verify that all your email addresses are listed. If not, select Add Email


    Cant the content of the message be removed?

    iOS 11 changes the way we edit information and delete things like attachments and photos within our texts. There are now two ways to remove things from the message threads.

    To remove information from the individual thread, open it and press an item deeply and choose “More ? This option opens checkboxes next to each element in your message thread. Check them to remove, uncheck to keep.

    In>General Settings ; iPhone (or iPad, iPod touch) Storage ; Message Settings . Navigate to this setting and find the Documents and Data section. There you will find 5 categories: Conversations, Photos, Videos, GIF and Stickers, and Others. Tap each one to see what is stored in your Messages and slide to delete.&nbsp