How to block unwanted phone calls on iPhone or iPad

With the evolution of technologies, telemarketers and scammers have new ways of annoying us. Fortunately, some reliable applications allow you to block spam calls on iPhone and iPad.

These third-party applications maintain a massive database of phone numbers that have been found to be spam. As a result, every time incoming calls arrive on your iPhone, the application first checks them. If the phone number is spam, it blocks the call immediately. To begin, first, lets look at the list of the best call blocking applications for iPhone and iPad. Then, with a step-by-step guide, we will explain how to use the application.

How to block spam calls on iPhone iPad: better call blocking applications

1 Truecaller


I personally have been using Truecaller for almost a year, and this application has delivered what I expected from it. It effectively blocks most unwanted calls. In addition to that, the application also searches the database and displays the name of the caller, if the contact is not saved on my iPhone or iPad. Not every time an unknown call is spammer.

You must verify your phone number before you start using TrueCaller. If you do not want to share your phone number with a third-party application, you can view other applications listed below.

Compatibility: iPhone only
Free (optional purchase in the application)

2 Hello


The best part is that you do not need to disclose your phone number to use this application. The applications call-blocking feature is free, but if you want other advanced features, you must purchase a subscription.

Compatibility: iPhone only
Free (optional purchases in the application)

3 RoboKiller: Spam Call Blocker


You will have complete control of your phone calls with RoboKiller. Given the features, the application is not free, although there is a 7-day trial version.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Free for 7 days and then different subscription options

4. Mr. Number Call Block & Lookup


Like the previous one, this is not free either. Fortunately, theres a 14-day trial you can use before making a purchase.

Compatibility: iPhone only
14 day free trial then $1.99 month

You can try any of the above applications before making your final decision. To use any of the call-blocking applications, there is a simple setup that you must do on your iPhone. Lets see how to do it.

How to use spam call blocking apps on iPhone iPad


  • Download any of the above call-blocking applications to your iPhone iPad
  • Make the necessary adjustments to the downloaded application by going to the preferences of the particular application.

Step 1. Launch the Settings application on your iPhone † Scroll down and tap Phone.

>Step 2. Tap Caller ID and blocking.

>Step 3. Here you will see a list of applications you have downloaded to block calls. Activate the switch next to the application you want to use.


There is another important feature in the phone application called “Announce Calls” that allows your iPhone to speak to the caller when you receive a call on your phone.

Signing ? ¦

In addition to these applications, it is also recommended that you register your number in the Do Not Disturb registry. To do so, please contact your provider. If there are other ways to combat spam, be sure to inform us and spread the word.

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