How to block someone in Gmail on iPhone, Android and computer

Google is an ocean of productivity tools, and the one that has become an integral part of everyones life is Gmail. Im sure Gmail is used by billions of users around the world since its launch in 2004. Gmail is the most widely used email platform by people around the world, in addition to Yahoo Mail and Outlook.

That said, Gmail still has some of the best features compared to all of its competitors, but I still feel there may be a scope for improvement in the spam feature. Even when you receive spam in a particular email, it can sometimes show up in your inbox.

This is when you try to block a particular sender from receiving emails from that person. And heres where I can guide you on how to block someone in Gmail on your iPhone, Android devices, and computer or laptop as well. Here you go!

How to Lock or Unlock Someone in Gmail on iPhone, Android and Computer

When someone sends her a message, and he is blocked by her, the emails will go to the spam folder. Dont worry the opposite person wouldnt know youve blocked it. I have divided this guide into three sections, as detailed below, so that the respective users can consult only the guide they want.

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How to block someone in Gmail on iPhone, iPad and Android

Blocking someone on an iOS or Android device in your Gmail app is quite simple. Follow the steps below to get started!

Step 1. Launch the Gmail application on your smartphone .

>Step 2. Open the email (message) of the person you want to block in Gmail.

>Step 3. Now, touch the option Plus which is shown as (€¦) three dots in the upper right corner.

>Stage 4. Now touch the option Block “Senders name” in the drop down menu.


You can unlock that particular person in the same way by following the steps above and selecting the option Unlock .


Now lets see how you can block a sender in Gmail on your computer or laptop.

Blocking someone in Gmail on the computer

Simply follow the steps below to block anyone from your Gmail account using a computer or laptop.

Step 1. Open Gmail using in your browsers URL bar.

Step 2. If you are not logged into your Gmail account, please log in now and open the email from the sender you wish to block.

Step 3. Then click on the three dots in the right corner next to the senders name and touch the option Lock .

>Stage 4. Now click on Block again to confirm that you want to block this user and do not want to receive any messages in your inbox. Instead, they will go directly to the spam folder.

You>Unlock option .


Summarizing ? ¦

Sometimes when you mark an email as spam, it somehow gets dragged into your inbox, and this is where Google needs to improve this feature. This will provide a better user experience because no more unwanted emails will enter your inbox if implemented correctly.

What changes do you want Google to make in Gmail? Comment below and Ill try to address your issues with interested officials safely!

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