How to automatically archive your mail on MacBook

Many of us think that archiving is an unnecessary step when it comes to our emails. Most of our colleagues here at AppleToolBox dont even do that. They prefer to leave their incoming emails in their inbox and use “Mark as read” and other indicators to indicate the actions to be taken on incoming emails. The most common response to non-archiving weve heard is “I keep my emails in my inbox so I can find them easily.

Archiving emails makes it easier to manage your time and provides some structure. When you archive the emails youre done with, youre left with a clean inbox that has the emails that deserve your attention – free of clutter! No more losing important emails. In this publication, we will show you a step-by-step guide that you can use to set up your mailbox archive and also automatically archive your emails.

Step 1. Open your mail application and click on Mailbox ; New Mailbox

>Step 2 Designate a name for the new mailbox and choose a location from the drop-down menu. We suggest that you use “On my Mac” as the location and give it an appropriate name. We will use ATB_Archive as the folder name in this example.

>Step 3 Once you have set this up, the mailbox will be available to you on the left side just like any other mailbox and you can drag and drop your emails manually once you are done with them.

Step 4 Now comes the fun part of automating the archiving process using Rules. Its pretty simple once you get used to it.

Step 5 Click on . Click on Rules and choose Add Rule

>Step 6 Designate the mailbox folder to the one you created in step 2.

Step 6 Name the rule in the description box and add conditions. You can add conditions as an email within two weeks. Press the + button to add more conditions. You can be quite specific here, such as “Not all emails from sender x or sender y are archived”. Save your rules.

>Step 7 Try it and youre done. As soon as the emails in your inbox comply with the rules youve configured, your mail will automatically be moved from your inbox to the local archive folder you configured.

Sometimes, it is the simple things that make us more productive. If youve ever opened your inbox and felt you needed a drink, youre not alone – try the automatic filing function and see for yourself!

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