How to adjust mobile data for individual iPhone applications

You have a data roaming plan for your iPhone. This is for you before youre surprised by a huge cell phone bill. The number and variety of applications available today has grown exponentially over the years. As these applications get smarter and cooler, they use features to make the user experience faster for you by doing many things in the background, including communicating with servers to get data.

The problem related to wi-fi assistance and cell phone use has been covered quite recently. In iOS 9.3, you will have the ability to monitor cell phone usage associated with wi-fi. We want you to also look at the elements of cellular usage that are under your control. One way to do this is to block the cellular connections for certain applications. Dont worry, you can still use these applications when you have a wi-fi network at hand.

Step – , 1 Go to Settings – , Cellular. You will find it just below the Bluetooth settings at the top of the screen. In some regions, you may find “Mobile” instead of cell phone.


Step- 2 Scroll down on the cell phone screen until you see USE CELL DATA TO. This is the main configuration area that controls which applications can use the bandwidth of your cell phone data plan.

>Step – 3 You will notice just below the application, it shows how much data each of the applications is using. If any of the numbers seem high, you can move the slider to the “OFF” position. This will restrict the application from consuming your mobile data. You will still be able to use your wi-fi, so dont worry about updating.

If>reset statistics as shown above. You can then monitor your usage for a week to see the details and take appropriate action. You can also read about some of the applications that help you monitor cell phone usage.