How to add US Holiday to iPhone, iPad and Mac calendar

Along with birthdays, I like to display the vacation calendar on my iDevice to prepare perfectly for the big days. It also ensures that I dont forget to wish my friends and loved ones in advance.

Apples calendar application comes with a built-in vacation calendar that is fully customized to show the recognized traditional, government and religious leaves in a country. Would you like to try this useful feature? Lets see the US vacation in the Calendar application on iOS devices and macOS!

How to display U.S. vacations in the Calendar application on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Add US Holidays to the iOS calendar application

Step 1. Launch the Calendar application on your iOS device.

>Step 2. Now, touch Calendars.

>Step 3. In the OTHER section, be sure to mark the circle to the left of US Holidays. Then touch Ready to confirm.


Show US Holidays On Mac Calendar

Step 1. Run the Calendar application on your Mac.

Step 2. Now click on the Calendar menu in the upper left corner of the screen and choose Preferences.

>Step 3. Then make sure the General tab is selected. Then check the box to the left of the Show Holidays calendar.

>Sticky note: just in case, the Calendar application does not show the changes. Make sure the U.S. Holiday option is checked in the Other section. If that doesnt work, try updating the application. Simply click on the View menu and then select Update Calendars.

There you go!

Ending ? ¦

So, this is how you can keep a tab on all recognized sheets and plan accordingly. Really, its useful when you have quick access to all the great days.

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