How to add subject lines to texts in the Messages application on iPhone and iPad

What is the first thing you notice when you receive an email? The name of the sender and the subject line. We decide the importance of an email through its own subject line. Previously, it was believed that only emails had this characteristic of the subject line. Surprisingly, you can add subject lines to texts in the Messages application on your iPhone or iPad.

How intriguing this feature can be when you have to send a text message for commercial purposes! By reading the subject, recipients can get an idea of the content of that message. Based on this, they can set priorities for reading messages in the first half of the day.

In addition, text written in the subject line in the Messages application is automatically bolded when sent. Therefore, the text in the subject line stands out from the rest of the message. While it sounds interesting, how to activate this setting on your iPhone, lets see!

How to add or remove a subject line in the message application on an iOS device

These are the steps to enable the subject line field in your Messages application:

Step 1. Open the configuration application on your iPhone.

Step 2. Play Messages .

>Step 3. You will find Show subject field, in the SMS MMS field. Switch on the lever for this.



And in case you dont like the function and want to remove it, simply uncheck the option Show subject field in Configuration † Messages.


Messaging is considered a better way to communicate with people. Instead of bothering someone at odd hours, you can simply send a text message and ask for their convenient time to talk.

On a typical day, we send messages to our family, friends, colleagues, business partners or acquaintances. Features like Subject Line further enhance our messaging skills and help us better say our piece.

Did you know that, apart from this function, the iPhone also allows you to mute specific chat alerts in your Messages application?

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