How to add, delete or switch between user profiles on Apple TV on tvOS 13

Apple TV is by far the best source of entertainment and is improving with each new generation of tvOS. However, tvOS 13 offers support for multiple accounts where you can add multiple user profiles to your Apple TV and easily switch between them. Before tvOS 13, users could add more than one account with support for family sharing for purchases on the App Store. But it has nothing to do with what they watch.

However, with tvOS 13, every user gets a personalized entertainment experience. When you switch to a particular user profile, Apple TV will load Next Next lists and recommendations for movies and TV shows according to your taste. In addition, it is now very easy to change profiles with the renewed control center. Follow along and well go deeper into this to see how it works.

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How to add multiple Apple ID accounts on Apple TV

To add multiple accounts on Apple TV, each user must log in with their Apple ID.

Step 1. Open the settings on your Apple TV

Step 2. Then click on Users and AccountsAdd new users.

Step 3. Now enter the additional Apple ID ; username and password

Once this is done, the new user will be added to your Apple TV, you can add as many users as you want, repeating the previous steps.

How to switch between multiple user profiles on tvOS 13

Apple TV automatically sets the newly added user as the current user; you can return to your profile in two ways. Weve covered both of them below.

Using the configuration application to switch between users on Apple TV

To change user accounts in the configuration application:

Step 1. Open Settings from the home screen.

Step 2. Click on Users and AccountsCurrent User.

Step 3. Finally, select the account you wish to use.

The account you have just selected will be set up as the current account, in addition, Apple TV will upload the unique lists of Next and personal recommendations according to the users taste.

Use the Control Center to switch between users on Apple TV

If you dont want to worry about the configuration to change the current user, you can do it quickly with all the new control centers in tvOS 13 . Heres how.

Step 1. Press and hold the Start button on your Siri Remote to start the control center.

>Step 2. Now you will see the list of profiles registered with Apple TV. Navigate to the profile you want to change to and click on it.

Removing the Apple TV User Profile

Removing an Apple TV user is quite simple, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open Settings † Go to Users and Accounts.

Step 2. Then click on Current user and select the profile you want to delete.

Step 3. Now, back to the previous screen, click on your account in the user section.

Stage 4. Then click Delete user from Apple TV from the bottom.

Step 5. Finally, click on Delete to confirm.

Ending ? ¦

Thats it! Now that you know how to add, delete or switch between different users, create your own personal profile on Apple TV and enjoy your own personalized content.

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