How to add notes to the lock screen on iPhone and iPad

Lets say youre going on a shopping spree and have already created a long list of things to buy. When you buy the items listed, you should search the app frequently to make sure nothing is left. Thats when this tip can be very useful, allowing you to quickly access your notes directly from the lock screen of your iPhone or iPad.

So how does this productive trick work? Well, first you must add the Notes application widget to the lock screen on your iPhone. Once done, your last checklist will be just a glance away – let me help you get this trick into action!

How to add a notes widget to the lock screen on iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Slide your finger to the right to access the widget page on your iOS device.


Step 2. Now, scroll down and touch Edit.

>Step 3. In the More widgets section , find the Notes application and tap the button “+” to the left of it.

>Stage 4. Then be sure to touch the button Ready in the upper right corner to confirm.

Now,>last note will be waiting for you . Just touch it and take a look at all the things you have to do.

>How to add notes to the Control Center on iPhone and iPad

If your device is running iOS 11 or later, you can add Notes to the Control Center. This trick would make it even easier for you to access your checklist or to-do list. To do so, please refer to this simple guide.

There you go!

To you ? ¦

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