How to add links in email signatures on your iPhone and iPad

The signature says a lot about your brand, doesnt it? There are many ways to make it more impressive. And one of the best ways is to insert your brands link into it. Unfortunately, adding links in email signatures on iPhone and iPad is not an easy task. But its never been easier before ? Β¦

The Apple Pages application can allow you to effortlessly insert a link into your signatures. You can then copy and paste them into your email. Want to try this trick? Here you go!

How to add links in email signatures on your iPhone and iPad

Step 1. First, download pages to your iOS device. The application is available for free. Then, run it.

Step 2. Now select a blank page.


Step 3. Then you must write the signature that you want to add. Then, touch it and keep it † Next, a popup window will appear, touch Select.

>Stage 4. Touch the little arrow on the far right to show the option Link † touch Link in the popup window.

>Note: on your iPad, you will have to touch the option Link .

>Step 5. Now, you must enter the link, tap Ready to confirm.

You can edit the link settings by touching the link text.


You have successfully added the link to your signature. You can now open the email application, write an email and copy and paste the signature. Then send the email as usual.

>To you

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