How to add email attachments to the mail application on iPhone and iPad

No matter how many messaging applications or iMessages options we have, email will always be our first priority when it comes to important conversations. Its safer, more private, and can sometimes be used as legal evidence. The email application in iOS 9 has become smarter than ever before.

Previously, if we had to attach a PDF or any other file, we had to go to the application and send it from there. But now, it can be done directly from the Mail application on iPhone and iPad . Now we can send attachments from iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox or any other cloud-based drive.


We have already discussed how to save email attachments in the iCloud unit, send emails with large attachments and mark email attachments in iOS 9 .

Here we will explain in detail how to attach files from iCloud Drive and other similar cloud-based drives. To make it easier to understand, we have divided the process into two parts: Attachment using iCloud Drive and Attachment using third party cloud based drives.

How to attach files to emails using iCloud Drive on iPhone and iPad with iOS 9

Step 1. Open the Mail application from the home screen.

>Step 2. Compose a new email by touching the icon at the bottom right of the screen.

>Step 3. Enter the recipients name and subject.

>Stage 4. Now play twice anywhere in the message space.

Step 5. You will see options like: Select, Select all, Paste and an arrow. Keep touching the arrow, until you see Add attachment. Touch “Add Attachment”.

>Step 6. You will be taken to iCloud Drive by default.

Step 7. Select the file you want to attach and press “Done” .

>Step 8. Write your message, if any, and tap .



How to attach files with Dropbox or Google Drive on iPhone and iPad with iOS 9

Please note Certain third-party cloud drives require your application to be installed on your iPhone or iPad in order to access this feature.

Once you have installed the application, follow the first five steps of the previous tutorial.

Step 1. You will be under iCloud Drive. Now tap “Locations” , located in the upper left corner of the screen.

>Step 2. You may not see your drive in the cloud. Therefore, touch “More”.

Step 3. Here, you will see the disk in the cloud, simply activate it and tap .


Stage 4. Now tap again “Locations” and you will see your unit in the cloud.

>Step 5. Touch the unit you want to access. If you are using Google Drive, you will be asked to select your account, simply tap on your account name. If you are using Dropbox, it will take you directly to your files.

Step 6. Select the file you want to attach. If your file is in a folder, tap the folder followed by the file you want to send and tap Done.

>Step 7. Now all you have to do is touch the Send button.