How to add, edit and manage VIP contacts in the mail application on iPhone and iPad

The Mail application on iPhone and iPad allows you to add multiple accounts from different email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. In addition to that, a unique thing that the Mail application offers is the ability to manage the VIP list. You can add, edit and manage VIP contacts directly in the Mail application of your iPhone or iPad.

The VIP list is basically a list of contacts that are top priority for you, and you dont want to miss any emails from them. When set up correctly, you receive a special notification when you receive an email from the VIP sender. Assuming you have the general idea of this feature, lets see how to use it effectively.

Adding, editing and managing VIP contacts in the mail application on the iPhone and iPad

The VIP inbox is like the filter tags found in most email clients. In my Gmail account, I have countless labels that segregate email according to “sender”.

On your iPhone iPad, the VIP mailbox works the same way. Every time someone from your “VIP List” sends you an email, that email will be displayed in your VIP Mailbox (and also in the normal Inbox).

Add contacts to VIP list in mail application

Step 1. Open the mail application and navigate to All Mailboxes.

Step 2. Play VIP.

>Step 3. Touch Add VIP , to add contacts to this VIP list.

>Stage 4. Select a contact from the list to add as a VIP contact.

>Note: The contact must be in the saved contact list, along with the email address.

Managing VIP alerts in the mail application

Now, if you touch the VIP Alerts option , it will take you directly to the Notifications configuration † Email † VIP where you can edit the notifications configuration. VIP email is often important, so having a banner notification would be excellent along with exclusive VIP list sounds.


Strange as it may seem (it seemed strange to me), many people want to eliminate the VIP mailbox function. Unfortunately, this is not possible. However, weve covered how you can move VIP Mailbox on the list so that it doesnt get in the way of your normal email experience.

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