How to add a child under 13 in your family by sharing in iOS 8

Family sharing in iOS 8 is about making sharing in a group of people more efficient. This new feature comes with many nice utilities. The best part of it is that you can even include a child (under 13) in your family group.

To do so, you must become the legal guardian and assume some responsibility. Family sharing allows you to keep a record of childrens expenses from their parents device. Whenever the child wants to make a purchase or download something, it requires your approval.

How to add children under 13 on iOS 8 Family Sharing on iPhone iPad:

Step 1. Configuration open

Step 2. Play iCloud.

> Step 3. Play Share in family.

>Stage 4. At the bottom of this page, there is a link “Create an Apple ID for a child”

Step 5. Play Next.

>Step 6. Select your childs birthday and play Next. Step 7. Enter the credit card verification code you have on your iTunes account.

> Step 8. Now its time to complete some details (including setting up a new iCloud ID and password for your child). Answer some questions for password recovery.

There is an option Ask to buy that is enabled by default. Whenever the child wants to buy music, movies, or anything from the app store, iTunes, or iBooks, even if its free, they must give their approval. Without your approval which is sent to your device, the child cannot buy or download anything. Thats a very smart way to keep a close eye on kids spending.