How to activate smart downloads in the Netflix application on iPhone and iPad

After a long wait, Netflix has finally introduced “Smart Downloads” in its iOS application. What makes this feature so appreciable is the ability to not only delete the episode already watched but also automatically download the next episode of the series. Therefore, it will not saturate your devices storage.

Another important thing is that it only works on Wi-Fi to ensure that your cellular data does not run out. Considering the ease of use of this feature, many of you would be willing to enable smart downloads in the Netflix application on your iOS device. Let me help you get started!

Enabling Smart Netflix Downloads on the iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Launch the Netflix application on your iOS device and press the Downloads icon at the bottom.


Step 2. Now, press Smart downloads at the top and then turn on the switch.

Alternatively,>More icon at the bottom † scroll down and select Application Settings † In the Downloads section, activate the switch for Smart Downloads.


Although the application already had the option to allow users to manually download content for offline viewing, this feature is easier to use.

Later, if you decide to have manual control over what to delete and whether or not to download a specific episode, you can easily disable smart downloads by following the steps explained above.

Ending ? ¦

This new add-on arrived at Android in July last year and Netflix had promised to introduce it at iOS by the end of 2018. However, the media streaming service was unable to deliver. Better late than never.

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