How to enable or disable “critical alerts” in iOS 12 on iPhone

To ensure that important notifications for specific applications related to health, home security and public safety are never lost, iOS 12 comes with an exceptionally easy-to-use feature called “Critical Alerts”. Once you have activated Critical Alerts on your iPhone, the Notifications of supported applications will arrive with sound even when Do Not Disturb is enabled or your device is muted.

Lets say youre using a health application to track your heart rate and have customized it to notify you of critical things. You can choose to take advantage of this feature so you dont have to let essential alerts be turned off. To say the least, it can be your savior! One thing worth noting in advance is that this is an optional alert feature. Therefore, you can activate or deactivate the critical alerts according to your specific requirements. Lets see!

How to disable critical alerts on iPhone with iOS 12

Side note: a from now on, not many applications support the optional alert function. Therefore, you may not see it in your favorite application yet.

When you register in the supported application, you are asked to allow the application to send you Critical Alerts. Simply tap Allow in the popup window and youre done. At any time, you think its not necessary; you can easily turn it off.

Step 1. Start the configuration application on your iOS device.

Step 2. Now touch Notifications.

Step 3. Then search for the application , which you no longer want to receive alerts for.

Stage 4. Finally, turn off the switch next to Allow critical alerts.

Image>Thats it!

From now on, this application will not send you notifications. Later, if you change your mind, go back to this setting and flip the switch.


It is a well thought out feature, and I am sure many users will appreciate it. No matter how busy we are or what we are doing, many of us want to keep an eye out for the necessary notifications. With this feature in place, tracking essential alerts has become a little easier.

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