How to activate and use Touch Bar Zoom on MacBook Pro

“Touch Bar Zoom” is an important feature included inside the accessibility suit on the new MacBook Pro. Once enabled, it displays a larger touch bar on the screen.

People with low vision would find Touch Bar Zoom very useful as it helps to use Touch Bar more conveniently. Even if you dont have any vision problems, youd like to use it. For example, you can easily change the magnification level, increase or decrease the zoom level, select an item and more. (You may want to read: How to Customize the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro )


Enabling and Zooming the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

How to enable disable touchbar zoom on MacBook Pro

Step 1. First, click on the Preferences icon on the system in the Dock on your Mac.

Step 2. Then click on the icon Accessibility .

Alternatively, press three times the Touch ID button or simply press the Option (¥) -Command (Œ˜) -F5 on the keyboard to bring up the Accessibility Settings window on the screen.

Step 3. Then you must click on Zoom, found in the Vision section . Then, check the checkbox next to “Enable Touchbar Zoom.

Later, if you want to disable the zoom of the touch bar, you must uncheck the checkbox.

Note: In case the touchbar zoom is not available, you must disable VoiceOver on your Mac. Go to System Preferences Accessibility VoiceOver and turn it off.

How to use Touch Bar Zoom on MacBook Pro

Once you have enabled the zoom of the touch bar on your Mac, you should see a virtual touch bar at the bottom of the screen when you tap anything in the physical touch bar. Find out what you can do with it ? ¦

View larger view of touch bar

To see the enlarged view of the touch bar, tap and drag with one finger on the touch bar.

Zoom in or out

To zoom in or out, press and hold the command ( Œ˜ ) on the keyboard while you open or close two fingers on the physical Touch Bar.

Change the magnification level

To change the magnification level, you must hold down the Command key and use a two-finger pinch gesture.

Tap twice or select an element

Touch and hold an item in the physical touch bar and touch any part of the touch bar with another finger to activate the item.

Synthesize a touch

While scrolling with one finger, simply tap with a second finger to synthesize a tap. Then, you must hold the second finger and move both fingers together to synthesize a tap down and drag where your first finger is.

Activate direct touch mode

Simply hold your finger still in one location to activate the direct-touch mode. It allows you to interact directly with the control under your finger.

Choose and activate an item

Simply slide your finger over the physical Touch Bar to the circle on an item you wish to choose. Then, keep your finger there until the circle changes color to select the element.

Thats it!

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