How to access the hidden 3D Touch shortcut in the iPhone phone application

3D Touch was introduced as one of the most attractive features of the iPhone 6s 6s Plus in 2015. Designed to provide quick access to the most used actions, it is very useful. A few days ago, I came across a hidden 3D Touch shortcut in the phone application on my iPhone 7 . While this shortcut is easy to access, many of you may not find it too easy to discover.

It is very easy to access various communication options such as FaceTime when calling the phone number added to your Contacts. But what if you try to call someone whose phone number is not saved in your contact? Wouldnt you like to have quick access to the option of calling that person through FaceTime Video Audio? Yes you would. Thats when this hidden 3D Touch shortcut would come in handy!


How to access the hidden 3D Touch shortcut in the iPhone phone application

Note: Currently, only the iPhone 6s 6s Plus and iPhone 77 Plus are compatible with 3D Touch. Make sure your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS.

Step 1. Open the Phone application on your compatible iPhone.

Step 2. Now touch the Keyboard tab at the bottom.

Step 3. Next, you must enter the phone number.

Stage 4. Once you have entered the phone number, simply touch the 3D call button.

>Step 5. Below you will see a context menu with three options:

  • Call
  • FaceTime Video
  • FaceTime Audio


What happens to the phone numbers you have added to your contacts?

Well, you can quickly access additional communication options from the phone numbers you have added to your contacts. It works even on the device that does not support 3D Touch.

To do this, open the Contacts application (alternatively, open the Phone application and then touch the Contacts tab), select the contact in question. Now, touch and hold the video button to access other communication options such as WhatsApp, FaceTime.

Similarly, touch and hold the call button to access the options for making a call through WhatsApp or FaceTime. Touch and hold the message button to access the option to send a message through the Messages application and WhatsApp.


What is your opinion about 3D Touch? How much it has improved since it was launched. Share your valuable feedback with us. Also, if you know any other 3D Touch tricks, let us know in the comments below.

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