Heres how to disable Siri on Lockscreen on iPhone iPad in iOS 7.x

Heres a quick tip that might save some “accidental” Siri triggers. Now, you may know that you can evoke Siri even when your screen is locked with an access code. The extended start button activates Siri even when your iPhone is locked.

And because of this behavior, if the start button is pressed accidentally, in the pocket, in the bag or even while holding the iPhone, Siri turns on and starts listening. The results can be interesting but unnecessary. Siri could make calls, send messages, activate or deactivate a toggle setting ? the list is endless. Here is how to prevent this.

Heres how to disable Siri on Lockscreen on iPhone iPad in iOS 7.x

Unlike the Control Center or Notification Center, which have switches within their respective Configuration sections to disable them on the lock screen, Siri does not have one in iOS 7.x. You have to reach it somewhere else.

Step 1. Open the configuration application .

Step 2. Play General .

Step 3. Tap on Code Lock from access (on iPhone 5s, tap on Access Code & Fingerprints).

Stage 4. Scroll down to the part that says Allow access when locked .

>Step 5. Turn off the Siri switch.

Step 6. Exit the configuration application.

As you can see, its a really simple step. But its a bit hidden inside the access code preferences, which makes it difficult to figure out how to turn off Siri on the lock screen.

Disabling Siri helps prevent accidental triggers that activate Siri. This is useful in two ways: having Siri turned on accidentally can trigger several actions that you did not intend (a call, a message, etc.). Secondly, it prevents unnecessary battery discharge.

The other options can also be deactivated.

One of them is Passbook: when you receive notifications related to Passbook that allow you to add using your cards from the Passbook application, you will not need to enter the access code.

The other is Answer with message, the option that comes with every call so you can skip the call and send a quick message to the caller.

Disabling this function will disable Answer with Message completely on the lock screen. When you receive a call (and your iPhone is locked), you can either answer the call or set a reminder.

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