Heres how to save maps offline in the new Google Maps application for iOS 7.x

The update of Google Maps in iOS and Android brings an important feature that many users would find useful. Google Maps now has a specific offline mapping feature . It is integrated directly into the application as a separate feature.

There is an older method of map caching that we write about. You dont need that anymore. The new offline mapping feature works much better and is more comprehensive. For those who want to make use of the offline function, heres how it works.

To save a map for offline use:

  • Open Google Maps (updated, v3.0 for iOS)
  • Touch the profile icon


  • If you are not signed in (with your Google account), please do so.
  • Scroll down to the section Offline Maps .
  • .

  • Touch>Save map for offline use
  • You will be directed to the map interface, where you can scroll and zoom to get to the location you want to save. Then tap Save
  • Tag the offline map and touch Save. Google Maps will save the map.

  • Once>

>To view and manage maps offline :

  • Open Google Maps and touch the profile icon
  • Scroll down to the section Offline Maps
  • Touch View all and manage

  • You>Save a new map offline to start saving another map area
  • You can also touch the menu icon (3 vertical points) on any saved map to rename, update or delete a saved offline map. Touching the saved map displays the map. The reading below the map shows the size and expiration time of the map.