Flash application for iPhone: send your photo as caller ID

For years, the screen of a smartphone has been a simple monitor that displays the number of the caller. And then the Flash happened. This recently released application certainly changes the user experience of making and receiving calls. The full name of this application is Flash: Send Photos in Caller ID. As this name suggests, you can send your photo in Caller ID. Therefore, the recipient can see your photo or image as caller ID and quickly identify the caller.

But thats not enough! Flash has more to offer. Your communication is spiced up with stickers, subtitles and filters. Although there were many applications available for iPhones to display the photo as caller ID, Flash has gone further by adding a new dimension of personalization.

iPhone Flash Application: send your photo as iPhone Caller ID

The Flash application is available in some selected countries; therefore, you should check the availability of this application in your iOS App Store. However, you can always change the App Store country region on your device to use this great app.

The interface of this application is a bit complicated; you must understand the application thoroughly before using it. The first condition for using this application is that you have to invite your contacts to download Flash on their iPhone or Android phones. You can only display your photo as caller ID if your contact is also using Flash on their smartphone. This can be irritating as many users may not like the idea of using Flash on their devices.

Step 1. First, download the Flash application to your iPhone.

Five explanatory slides will run on your phone, and when you tap Register , you will be prompted to allow Flash to send notifications.

>Step 2. You will then be asked to log in with your cell phone number.

You>enter that code and you are ready to go.

>Step 3. Enter your name and gender , then start flashing!

Before>tap here to get your first Flash call now.

When you touch that down arrow , your cell phone rings, and when you touch the button , a voiceover describes everything about the Flash application.


As mentioned above, Flash will ask permission to access your photos, contacts , microphone and camera . Simply touch , and finish the procedure.

>Stage 4. Now comes the main part of this application. You must select your photo , which will be displayed as caller ID to your contacts on their cell phone screens. You can now see your selected photo at the top of the screen. Also, notice that there are three buttons on the right side of your photo image.

These buttons help you to edit your photo. Touch each button and it will explain what it can do for you.

>Step 5. Once you have edited the image, touch the check mark in the upper right corner.


Step 6. When you are finished editing your photo, touch the Flash icon in the upper right corner of your phone screen.


Your name appears in the Flash tab.

Step 7. Touch your name; a check mark appears in the profile picture before your name and then touch Flashing this picture.


Step 8. Touch the button Yes and your photo image will be shown successfully.

>Step 9. Its time to make calls using Flash. From the Contacts, select the that you are using Flash on your cell phone.

Three>Message , Call and Flash.

Step 10. Touch Flash and select the photo you want to send to your friends phone each time you call them.

>Step 11. Now, touch Call and you can see the contacts cell phone number. Then touch Call again. The receiver can see your flashing image on their phone screen.

>Note: When you make a second call, your picture will not appear on the receivers phone. Each time you make a call, you must update your image. There is a purpose behind this setting; you may not like to make a call with your image each time. This function can only be used when you need help urgently.

For example, if you were in an accident and were injured, you can make a Flash call to your family or friend to show that you need help. When you are injured, the receiver will quickly answer the call even if they are in the middle of something important.

One of my friends likes to use this application to display a beautiful gift he buys for his girlfriend, especially when she doesnt answer his regular calls.

Why should you use Flash?

Flash is not just another trinket for your smartphone. The application is really useful when you need quick feedback on what to buy for you. When you are in a store and want to buy something for your loved ones, you can display the options available on the shelf. When they see something beautiful on their phones screen, they will answer the calls rather than mute or un-mute them.

Summarizing ? Β¦

Flash also offers you safety and protection functions; you can time your photos to expire automatically after delivery. This not only ensures privacy, but also gives you full control over who can see which image of you. When someone saves your photo or takes a screenshot of your photo, you are notified.

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