Features of macOS Sierra: all new Siri, great focus on continuity and universal clipboard

As expected, Apple has returned to doing what it always does at its best. By replacing OS X with MacOS, it has not only simplified the name of the operating system that powers Macs, but also added many easy-to-use features, such as Siri, Universal Clipboard and more.

, the name has been with us for over 15 years, and has served us well. We realized that there is a name that is much clearer and much simpler ?


What about the features of macOS Sierra? Come on!

Characteristics of macOS Sierra

1 Continuity, iCloud and the basics: great focus on continuity, iCloud and the fundamentals of the Mac experience.

2 Automatic unlocking: , we wanted to take on a task that we all do when we start our Macs. That feature is called automatic unlocking “. This is pretty basic, but happy its here”. Now you can automatically unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch. So, if you have an Apple Watch on, you no longer need to enter your password.

3 Continuity function: the new continuity function is the Universal Clipboard. The clipboard has been developed to work on Mac and iOS.

4. Make room for new files: you can now make room for new files by moving the old ones to the cloud “. You will be able to delete the files that you will never use again, automatically”. Safari web cache, old mail, etc.

5. Apple Pay on the web, via Safari: when you purchase online, you will have an Apple Pay button. When you pay, you will receive a message to authenticate yourself on your phone or look with TouchID or a tap on the wrist. Safari tabs for any application

6. The image on the screen in Mac: “We love watching videos on the web, but sometimes we want to do that while doing some work. Web video on a PiP, just like the iPad “

7. Siri is on the Mac: icon in the upper left corner of the menu bar. And in the dock. Click on the dock icon; Siri appears in the corner. Siri can display files in the Finder. It can also tell jokes. You can search for images directly from Siri and then use those images directly in your Keynote presentation. You can also send messages directly from Siri. Using Siri, you can open Safari and then pay with Apple Pay.

8. Copy and paste universal: now you can copy and paste between iOS and Mac.

Public beta launch of Sierra in July. Final in autumn.

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