iOS 8 feature: Shortcuts to screen-locking applications based on iPhone location

One of the most mysterious features of iOS 8 that users have noticed in the beta period is a shortcut to the application that recognizes the location on the lock screen. Full details on this feature are not yet available, but heres what we know so far.

Just like the cameras capture icon on the lock screen (bottom right), an icon may appear on the lower left of the lock screen. This icon is mainly from an application you already installed on your iPhone (but reports confirm that icons from applications that are not installed also appear). And above all, its location seems to be activated when the application icon appears.

iOS 8 Feature: Screen lock application shortcuts based on iPhone location

As shown in the screenshots, the lock screen application shortcut function puts an application icon on the lock screen. Touch and slide it up (like lifting the shutter from the camera) and the application will open. In one use case, a user going to the Apple Store (or near it) found that the Apple Store application icon appears as a shortcut on the lock screen.

In one use case, a user going to (or near) the Apple Store found that the Apple Store application icon appears as a shortcut on the lock screen.

We dont know which application icons appear, but the feature definitely comes pre-configured by Apple. But since were talking about a location-aware feature, I think any application that has to do with iBeacons will also be part of this new feature of iOS 8.

Of the major changes to the lock screen, one feature is being able to “quickly respond” from lock screen notifications; a feature, I must admit, is not very innovative or novel.

The QuickReply function allows you to slide to answer, accept and discard notifications on the lock screen easily.

We have not found a switch that activates or deactivates this “Application Shortcut on Screen Lock” feature, but there are Alerts based on location on Privacy † Location Services † System Services that could control this feature.

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