“Delete website history and data” in gray in Safari on iPhone and iPad: here is a solution

You may not want anyone to review your Safari browsing history or simply want to clear all stored data to make the application work smoothly. But when you go to delete your web browsing data, you will find the Safari “Clear History and Website Data” option grayed out on your iOS device.

Before you start wondering why you cant clear the history of Safari from iOS, let me tell you that its not a mistake (most likely). And you can easily fix this problem. Lets do it!

Cant delete Safari history and website data on your iOS device? Quick Fix

To begin with, “Constraints” is now part of Screen Time in iOS 12 or later. And when you enable “Content and Privacy Restrictions”, the option to delete Safari browsing data is automatically disabled. So you can get rid of this problem by simply turning it off.

What if you want to solve this problem without having to turn off the restriction completely? Well, theres also a way to do that. Ill show you the two solutions. Choose the one that best suits your needs:

Solution #1: Disable content and privacy restrictions

Step 1. Launch the Settings application on your iOS device † Touch Screen Time.

>Step 2. Then touch Content and privacy restrictions.

Now, if you have enabled the Screen Time access code, you must authenticate yourself.

>Stage 4. Turn off the Content and Privacy Restrictions switch.


Solution #2: Choose unrestricted access for web content

Step 1. Open the Settings application on your device † Screen Time † Content and privacy restrictions.

>Step 2. Now touch Content Restrictions † Web Content.

>Step 3. Then choose Unrestricted access.


Ending ? Β¦

I have tried these tricks in a practical way and they have consistently worked in solving this problem. So, I dont see any reason why they cant do the job for you.

Just in case, these tricks dont work; I wont rule out the possibility of an error. In this case, go to Software Update (when available: Configuration † General † Software Update)

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Were you able to solve the problem? If so, which of the above solutions worked for you? Be sure to share your comments, as it could be very useful for people facing this problem. Also, ” our iOS application and also stay connected to us through