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When the mind, body and soul are in complete harmony, life becomes pure joy and exuberance. But how can this elusive harmony be achieved? Your regular training can keep you physically and mentally fit. But then, what about your spiritual upliftment?

Yoga is the answer to all your physical, mental and spiritual problems and wounds. This practice of moving and bending your body into particular positions can provide you with the effort and mental relief you so badly need. For centuries, yoga has been practiced in India and is now accepted worldwide, as it has yielded positive results.


With so many benefits, it is reasonable for people to adopt Yoga sincerely. But not everyone can go to yoga classes or hire yoga instructors to stay healthy and fit. Fortunately, the application developers turned to technology to give us a better solution on behalf of Daily Yoga. It is an amazing application made by Daily Yoga Software Technology Co. Ltd.

Daily Yoga Application for iPhone

Daily Yoga is one of the best Yoga apps for iPhone that teaches you Yoga like a pro. The app features more than 50 unique yoga and meditation exercises in HD and a collection of more than 500 yoga positions, HD videos, voice coaching, great music and social community. Considered the most downloaded yoga training application on the App Store, Daily Yoga allows you to share the calories burned and the duration of the session with the Apple Health application.

Start yoga sessions

Whether you want to do a complete makeover or want to tone a specific part of your body, you can choose yoga sessions according to your unique requirements. And thats the beauty of this application. For example, you are in the modeling business and you want to have a glow on your skin, simply download a session on Yoga for Radiant Skin and follow the 23 positions provided under this title; if you are not satisfied with the portraits, you can also play HD videos compatible with the voice assistant to perform all the poses effectively. Each session will offer you two videos of different length. Listen to the relaxing music and start your session. You will also receive additional instructions on how you can achieve glowing skin.

You can follow different sessions according to your unique lifestyle and requirements; the application has sessions like Yoga for thin legs, Yoga for runners, Yoga for better sleep, Yoga for stress relief, Yoga for strong back, etc. The sessions are also divided into four categories, namely Health and therapy, yoga skills, body part and weight loss. You can also choose your session according to the length of time. For example, if you want to do Yoga for 30 minutes, you can choose sessions accordingly.

Enroll in programs

Once you have completed all the sessions provided in the application, you are now ready to register for the Programs. These programs run for several days, from seven to 30 days. The programs are dedicated to your specific needs. If you are a beginner, you can take a 12-day beginners tour; to get your abs in good shape, you can choose a toning plan that takes at least five long weeks. Each program is divided into training sessions; you can download videos of each session. Set a reminder and start the program. Before starting any program, you should carefully review the Program Details; this part includes how to do the program, what you will learn from the program and the benefits you will get after the program is completed.

The programs only have videos; there is no image of yoga postures. Follow the HD videos every day and practice Yoga to complete the program successfully. The application consists of eight different programs for a holistic approach to yoga.

Join the community

Would you love to enjoy the glory of success alone? You must need someone to share your problems and achievements. So heres a community for you. Choose your community according to your requirements; for example, if you are working to lose weight, you can touch on topics like Fat and Calories. You can also search for topics from the search bar and join the community. Just be sure to follow some basic guidelines, such as not posting your gender, age, email or phone number in public. The community gives you inspiration to achieve better results quickly; it provides you with necessary practical advice from professional users and some yoga experts.

If you are a loner and love to train alone, Daily Yoga can be your best partner every morning. No wonder the app is used by over 1000, 0000 yoga fans worldwide. Healthline votes it as the “Best Yoga app in 2014 and 2015”. It is a perfect application for beginners and experts.

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