How to block iMessage senders in Messages for Mac OS X

Are you receiving iMessage messages from random people? Or from people you are trying to ignore? Use the blocking option in your Mac OS X to prevent iMessages from entering. The process is quite easy.

Messages in Mac OS X is the client that supports all types of messages such as iMessage, Facebook, Chat and AIM. And iMessage is a popular platform for sending messages across different Macs, iPads or iPhones. Please note that this feature will prevent people from sending you iMessage messages at all (although it cannot be undone). By “completely” we mean that you will not receive iMessages from people blocked on your Mac and your other devices that have iMessage.


Heres how to block iMessage senders in Messages for Mac OS X :

Step 1 : Go to the application ” Messages ” on your OS X.

Step 2 : Now click on ” Messages ” in the menu bar and then select “Preferences “.

>Step 3 : choose the tab ” Accounts ” and touch the option iMessage from the left panel.

>Step 4: click on the tab ” Locked “.

Step 5 : there must be a [+] sign. Click on it to add the senders you want to block.

Step 6 : search in your contact book and select the name of the sender. Repeat for all the people you want to block.

Step 7 : Exit message preferences

Repeat the process to add other senders. In case the contact you want to block is not added to your list, you can simply add it to your contacts and then enter its email address or phone number. This method will prevent them from sending you iMessage messages.

Again, please note that when you block someone on a Mac, you are also blocked from all other devices, so you will not receive your iMessages anywhere.