¿Cómo arreglo FaceTime o iMessage Waiting for Activation?

I use iMessage almost every hour and FaceTime almost every day. So when I upgrade my iOS or update my device and get the message “Waiting for activation” when I try to log into iMessage or FaceTime, its a big deal!

If you experience similar problems with iMessage or FaceTime that do not activate or get stuck in activation and ask yourself BY QUÉ, keep reading! >

We cover you with our best tips and suggestions to correct the error of waiting for iMessage activation on the iPhone.

I know I am not alone. Many of our readers tell us that they too have a problem with FaceTime or iMessage that does not activate.

Everyone receives this message Waiting for activation , and after a while, users receive this message Activation without success. Turn on iMessage to try again.

You may see a slightly different message on your device, depending on the version of iOS


  • Waiting for activation
  • Failed activation
  • An error occurred during activation.
  • Could not log in, check your network connection

Quick Tips


  • Be patient and wait 24 hours before solving the problem.
  • Call your cell phone company in case there is a problem on your part
  • Check that your iPhone can send SMS (text messages)
  • Activate iMessage or FaceTime, wait 20-30 seconds and activate again
  • For prepaid mobile plans, make sure you have a credit on your account
  • Switches the airplane mode on and off
  • Disable any restrictions on your device
  • Reset your network configuration
  • Return all settings on your iDevice to the default settings

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How do I activate iMessage or FaceTime?

Remember to wait 24 hours

Please note that activation can take up to 24 hours to complete. Leave iMessage and FaceTime enabled for this entire period and do not activate and deactivate it. >

If after 24 hours, iMessage or FaceTime still doesnt work, its worth calling your cell phone providers support team to make sure the problem is not resolved.

Are you using an iPhone?

If your iPhone cannot activate iMessage or FaceTime, make sure you have activated SMS messages on your phone.

Go to Settings ; Messages and activate MMS messages and Send as SMS .


Check Apples system status

Sometimes, Apple experiences system problems that affect iMessage and FaceTime, so it is a good idea to check Apples system status and verify that the problem has not been fixed.


How do I solve it when FaceTime or iMessage say they are waiting for activation?

Try every step until you solve your problem:

  • Make sure you are using a valid Apple ID
  • Make sure you have a cellular or WiFi data connection
  • Open iMessage, under the message settings, a pop-up message may appear saying that your provider can charge for SMS messages and select “cancel”.
    • iMessage is activated after clicking on cancel. But this would not be fully activated. Instead, you activated iMessage by email, so you can only send messages with your email address

Look at your time and date settings

  • Make sure you set your date, time and time zone correctly
  • Go to General Settings; Date and Time and make corrections
  • OR enable and disable Auto set


  • Alternate iMessage or FaceTime Off, wait 20-30 seconds and then turn it on again.
  • If>

Contact your cell phone company

  • Check with your mobile operator and make sure you have credit on your SIM card, especially for prepaid plans. If you dont have any credit, add some money (even a small amount).
  • Our readers please note that iMessage (and Facetime) will NOT be activated without SMS credit on your mobile account!

Try airplane mode

  • Switches the plane mode on and off


  • Go to General Settings; Off


  • Check your phone number. Go to Settings ; Telephone ; My number . Verify that your number is accurate in My number and then reboot your device

Log off your Apple ID in iMessage

  • Log out of iMessage via Settings ; Messages ; Send and Receive and tap your Apple ID to log out (iMessage only).
    • Once>
    • Return to iMessage and activate it
    • Login with your Apple ID

Check any restrictions

  • Watch Settings; Screen Time; Privacy and Content Restrictions; Account Changes
  • For iOS 11 and lower, General ; Restrictions ; Accounts
  • Make sure you have selected “Allow changes” to allow FaceTime to work

Reset your network configuration

  • Go>General Settings; Reset Network Settings

Try a combination of steps

Several readers tell us that combining some of the suggested steps worked for them.

  1. Disables both iMessage and FaceTime
  2. Activate airplane mode
  3. Turn on WiFi (with airplane mode activated)
  4. Reactivate iMessage
  5. Then activate FaceTime
  6. Disable airplane mode
  7. Tap Ok to allow operator charges (if you see this message)

This solution works particularly well for anyone migrating from a physical SIM card to an eSIM. And then, after that change, they discover that FaceTime and iMessage stopped working.

Reset all settings

  • Delete>
  • Go to Settings , Reset , Reset all settings
  • This is usually the last resort, as it resets all your custom functions to factory defaults.
  • Resets everything to default settings, including notifications, alerts, brightness and clock settings, such as alarm clocks
  • Reset all settings also reverts all your custom and personalized features, such as wallpapers and accessibility settings to factory defaults.
  • Performing this action does not affect any of the personal data on your device, including photos, text, documents and other files.
  • You must reconfigure this setting once your iPhone or iDevice is restarted

If the above tips dont help, try the following (extreme solution)

Reset iPhone to factory settings

Disable iMessage and back up your device (iTunes or iCloud) and tap General Settings; Reset and select Wipe all content and settings.


Having trouble activating iMessage or FaceTime on a Mac?

Check your Apple ID

  • Messages: choose .; Preferences . Select your iMessage account, then click Sign Out. And register again
  • FaceTime: choose FaceTime ; Preferences ; Settings . Tap Logout. Then sign up again

Restore your Macs NVRAM

Sometimes problems with iMessage and FaceTime are related to the settings your Mac stores in NVRAM, so lets reset that!

Restore NVRAM (also called PRAM)

  • Turn off or reboot your Mac, then turn it back on and then press and hold these four keys together: Option, Command, P and R
  • Release>

Disable firewalls or third party security software

If your Mac has a firewall, VPN, other security programs, or third-party network software, check that this software is not blocking any of the network ports used by iMessage and FaceTime .

Try temporarily disabling that software and see if you can access iMessage or FaceTime.

For more help with Mac, see this article.

Wrapping it up

Most users can configure iMessage and FaceTime on the first attempt; however, some could not. Hopefully, these methods will help you overcome this activation problem.

Let us know your progress in the comments section below.

And if after all this, FaceTime or iMessage is still not activated, contact Apples Technical Support.

Tips for readers

  • I>in that order . 4) Deactivate the plane mode. 5) Tap Ok to allow operator charges. That did the job!
  • If you have another iPhone (or can borrow from someone for a few minutes), take the SIM card out of your iPhone, place it in the other iPhone and tap Reset all settings. Make sure the other person knows you are doing this and get their permission! It does not delete any data, but returns any custom settings to their default values – it worked for me!
  • For me, what worked was a combination of adding credit AND turning on and off the Airplane Mode
  • Adding an additional credit for a total positive account balance for my prepaid iPhone solved the problem for me
  • I took the SIM from my iPhone and put it in my old iPhone. Then, on the old iPhone, I chose Delete all content and settings, it worked great for iMessage and FaceTime to work again on my NEW iPhone!