How to instantly add widgets to iPhone using 3D Touch

To instantly access the latest information from any application directly from the lock screen of your iPhone, you must add a widget to the iOS widget screen. While the process of activating widgets has always been fairly straightforward, with the introduction of 3D Touch it has become even simpler.

Now you can quickly add widgets to your 3D Touch compatible iPhone. Lets find out how it works!


How to add widgets using 3D Touch on iPhone


  • Make sure your iPhone is compatible with 3D Touch.
  • From now on, there are not many applications that support this touch technology.
  • Only iPhone 6s , 6s Plus , iPhone 7 and 7s Plus are compatible with 3D Touch.
  • Also, make sure that the application you want to add to iOS Widget has a widget.

Step 1. Simply 3D Touch in any application that supports widgets.

>Step 2. In the context menu tap Add Widget located in the upper right corner of the menu.


How to edit widgets in iOS 10 on iPhone

Currently, there is no way to remove the widget with 3D Touch. Therefore, you will have to do it by going to the iOS widget screen. Please refer to this complete guide to edit widgets perfectly on your iOS device .


There are times when you want to access the latest data, news or updates from any application instantly without having to dig deep and then look for what you need. Widget brings the convenience you need in the game.

After a long wait, Apple finally introduced widgets with iOS 8. It has been about three years since their arrival, however, there are still many applications that do not support them. Similarly, there are quite a few applications that do not yet support 3D Touch.

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