Calc Thingy application for iPhone and Apple Watch: one of the most versatile list calculator applications

Tons of feature-rich applications are launched every day. Each of the applications has its own meaning. Thats why; youre always tempted to download a single application to your iPhone or Apple Watch even though you already have many applications on your device. And when you have to delete an application due to lack of space or desire to free some space on your iPhone, you wish there was a better solution to avoid this situation.

Wouldnt it be better if applications became versatile and allowed you to perform a number of different tasks? For example, wouldnt it be great if a health application allowed you to do calculations or helped you while shopping? Of course it would. Enter Calc Thingy, the true multitasking application for Apple Watch. >

Perform multiple tasks

Whether you want to track your expenses, inventory, food calories or shopping list, Calc Thingy can do it all with total ease.

  • With this application, you can create a shopping list with prices and get the total of your expenses.
  • Take any inventory and find out instantly the total amount of items it contains.
  • Create a project task with the hours you want to spend on it and know the total number of hours spent on specific tasks.
  • Create a list of trips along with the total budget you want to spend, this application would help you get the total spend easily.
  • Keep a tab on all your business expenses and quickly get the total amount you have spent.
  • Keep a record of the caloric intake for each meal and have the total amount of calories consumed each day.

Share your lists by email or text message

This application allows you to share your lists by email or text message. In addition, you can synchronize all your content with iCloud to keep it safe.

Easy to use

Allows you to change the mathematics applied to the individual entry. You can attach photos or notes to specific rows to manage the calculated lists effortlessly.


This application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch. Requires iOS 7.1 or later. It is priced at $0.99.

Made for smart choice

There are not too many applications that can make the task of managing multiple things so simple. With the support of Apple Watch, you can not only manage your different tasks comfortably, but you can also keep an eye on your latest updates directly from your wrist.

Price: $ 0.99
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