Does Bluetooth not work on iOS 12 on your iPhone or iPad? Tips to solve the problem

Bluetooth had not worked properly since I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 12. The iPhone was frequently disconnected from the Bluetooth accessory. Sometimes, it would refuse to connect to Bluetooth devices completely.

So how did I manage to solve the problem? Well, I had to try multiple solutions. Fortunately, the trick that rescued me was to set the network configuration to the factory defaults. Keep reading Β¦

How to repair Bluetooth that doesnt work on iPhone with iOS 12

Surprisingly, one of my friends, who had also encountered this problem, did not have to go that far. He was able to get rid of the problem by just giving Bluetooth and iPhone a fresh start. Have you encountered the same problem? The following solutions may help you solve it!

Give Bluetooth a new look

In most cases, you can activate Bluetooth when you upgrade. I have found success using this trick many times. So, try it first.

Step 1. Open the application Setup † Bluetooth † turn off the switch next to Bluetooth .

>Step 2. Now, reboot your device.

On iPhone X, 88 Plus: press and release the button to increase the volume, press and release the button to decrease the volume Then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

>On your iPhone 77 Plus: press and hold the side and volume down buttons at the same time.

>On your other iPhone and iPad: press and hold the start and power off buttons simultaneously.

>Step 3. Once your device has rebooted, activate Bluetooth.


Disconnect your iPhone from all devices and try connecting them again

There is another trick that can be useful for solving Bluetooth problems: make the iPhone forget the particular device and then reconnect to it.

Step 1. Start the application Settings † Touch Bluetooth.

>Step 2. Now touch the “i” button on the side of the connected device. Then press Forget this device and confirm.

>Step 3. Then turn off Bluetooth.


Reset your Bluetooth accessory

The problem could also be related to your Bluetooth accessory. Make sure it has enough juice to work properly. If you have enough power and still cannot connect to the iPhone, try resetting it to the factory defaults. The process varies from device to device, so take the help from the user manual.

Restart network configuration

Resetting the network to factory defaults is one of the most reliable hacks that can eliminate connectivity problems. Therefore, it is also suitable to give it a try. Please note; it will clear all Wi-Fi passwords. Therefore, make sure you have saved them.

Step 1. Start the application Settings † General † Reset.

>Step 2. Now touch Reset Network Settings. Then enter your password and confirm.


Step 1. Start Settings † Touch General † Reset.

>Step 3. Now touch Reset all settings. Then enter your iPhone password and confirm.


Update iOS on your device

In most cases, the software update can do the job. I hope you keep your record healthy. Make sure your device has at least 50% battery power and is connected to Wi-Fi.

Go to the application Configuration on your iOS device † General † Software update.

Now,>download and install the update.

What if none of the above solutions work ?

If none of the above tricks have solved the problem, it would be advisable to download iOS 12 to iOS 11 and wait for the official version. I know you might be a little unhappy with this statement. But there are times when it is better to take a back seat and wait for the ideal opportunity to come along.

Video: Bluetooth does not work on iPhone with iOS 12


I guess; you have finally crossed the line. Let me know which of the above solutions worked for you. And yes, if you found success using other tricks (not mentioned above), tell us about that too.

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