7 tips to get the best out of your iPhone contacts

The iOS Contacts application has come a long way since the introduction of the iPhone. What started as a simple contact list function on the iPhone has become the backbone of intelligent communication on an iDevice and a Mac.


Since the introduction of Siri, Contacts continues to dress up with additional bells and whistles to make life easier. Here are seven simple tips to make the most of your iPhone contacts.

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Tip 1 Help Siri Out with your iPhone contacts

Siri is maturing with each iOS release and now works with your Mac and your Apple Watch. Sometimes Siri just needs a little push to work more efficiently on your behalf. Nicknames” are a great feature on her business cards. Assign a nickname to a contact and Siri knows exactly how to communicate with that contact. Having Siri call your “Doctor” or “Dentist”s office is so easy when you designate that nickname in your contact list.

Lets start:

Step 1 Touch the Contacts tab in your phones application. Then tap a name to add more information and press Edit in the top corner.

Step 2 Scroll down and choose Add Field and tap. This section is towards the bottom of the screen.



Step 5 With your contacts synchronized through iCloud, activate Siri on your Mac and try “Siri schedule an appointment with the lawyer for next Tuesday”

Tip no. 2 Set up read receipts for selected contacts

With iOS 10, you can set up selective read confirmations for your messages. iOS 10 allows you to decide who sees if you have read their messages. By default, read receipts are disabled, but if you want to send them, you can enable them for specific contacts. You do not have to enable this feature for all your contacts.

To enable reading receipts in iOS 10

  1. Open the iMessages application and open a message
  2. Touch the “i” icon in the upper right corner to display the Message options for that contact
  3. Press the option Send reading receipts to activate them for that contact. This action enables the function for this contact only

Tip 3 Recovering lost contacts after an iOS update

This is a very annoying problem that happens to many people after an iOS update. Your update is done but you find that contacts are missing or duplicated, etc. in the list. The best course of action is to use your iCloud and reload the contacts on your device.

To restore your contacts back to your iPhone or iPad

a) Touch Settings ; followed by iCloud

b) Activate the contact field. If it is set to ON, activate it again and then set it to ON. Delete existing contacts on the iPhone when prompted, as you are using iCloud to reload your contacts. You can also merge contacts if requested.


Tip 4 Use related names to define relationships in contacts

Siri Call My Mom €¦ is very easy if you set up the contacts with the appropriate tags. In Tip 1, we show you how to use the Nickname field.

Use the Nickname field for non-relative contacts such as your dentist or doctor. Use the Related name function to call your relatives, such as your father, mother, sister, etc.

  1. To set the related Name, go to your contacts and search for it in the contact list
  2. Touch edit in the upper right corner. Scroll down and choose Add related name.
  3. Touch>
  4. Once you have defined the relationship, touch the i button and choose the contact from your list that identifies the relationship.
  5. Touch Ready in the upper right corner, and you have set the Related Name function

So next time, with Siri on, just say “Siri, call my sister”, and Siri does the rest!

Tip 5 Personalize your favorite contacts on your iPhone in widgets

Between the new widget application and a more agile interface, iOS 10 offers you several options to personalize your favorite contacts on your iPhone.

  1. Play Phone
  2. Touch the + button on the left side of the screen
  3. Find>
  4. You can customize here between Mail, Call, Message as your options for the contact so that your preferred communication mode for that contact is saved in your favorites
  5. You>
  6. Touching Edit in the upper right corner will allow you to add edit and reprioritize a contact in your favorites list

Add to widget screen

iOS 10 also allows you to add your favorite contacts to your widget screen so you can easily access them from the lock screen. Go to your widget screen, scroll down, and touch Edit. Scroll down and choose your favorite widget from the widget list. Click Done and exit.


Tip 6 Set Emergency Bypass for critical contacts to Do not disturb

In iOS 10, when you set the Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone, you also have the option to set the emergency bypass details. This allows your contacts to communicate with you when there is an emergency. This feature definitely gives peace of mind to millions of parents who like to switch their iPhone to Do Not Disturb mode at night, but want to make sure their children, parents, and family members can access them in the event of an emergency.

To configure this function, touch the Phone application and open the contacts

  1. Select the contact you want to allow to communicate with you in case of an emergency.
  2. Touch the Edit button in the upper right corner for the displayed contact
  3. Choose Ringtone and set it so that you can hear the ringer even in DND mode
  4. Touch Emergency Bypass and activate it for this contact


Tip 7 Third-party applications to the rescue

The features of iOS 10 Contact are quite intuitive, well integrated and work well for the most part. However, there are times when taking advantage of some third-party applications helps to make the most of your iPhone experience. This is especially true if you have a large number of contacts from various applications, such as Gmailmail, Exchange, etc.

With these third-party applications, this is the potential to create duplicate contacts in your contact list. One of the applications that offer excellent contact management options is Full Contact. This free application gives you the ability to discover contacts from various sources and merge them intelligently. The application also allows you to add social network details for your contacts, which is useful for many users.

Final word

We hope you find some of these upgrade tips useful for getting the most out of your iPhone contacts. We would love to hear from you if you would like to share some of your favorite tips that make your iPhone very productive and easy.