5 Camera Tips for iPhone Even the Amish swear by

Since its launch in 2007, the iPhone has slowly become the most popular camera in the world. The dots and shots are gone, and most of Apples ads revolve around the use of the iPhones camera. While most users take advantage of the iPhone camera and use it for things like selfies and Snapchat, many are unaware of some of the more powerful but essential capabilities of the camera and its application.

The> Burst mode

Have you ever been at a point where you need to take a picture of something really fast and dont have time to set up the perfect shot? Burst mode allows you to quickly take hundreds of photos and then choose your favorite after the fact.

To use the burst mode, simply press and hold the shutter button. The camera application will instantly continue taking pictures and counting them until you have stopped.


While Burst will automatically try to detect which photo you took was the clearest, you can select any of the photos you took as the best. Simply press the Select button in the center of the bottom toolbar. You can even choose to keep several photos from the burst shot.

>Record in 4K

By default, your iPhone camera will record video in 1080p at 30 FPS. This is the standard resolution of most televisions, and is what is considered Full HD. However, your iPhone is capable of recording at higher resolutions than HD, allowing you to take clips that will look amazing now and in the future.

To change the recording resolution of your iPhone, access the settings, click Photos & Camera, and scroll down until you see the “Record Video” options.


  • 720p at 30 FPS: you probably shouldnt use this on any modern iPhone. 720p is certainly visible, but it can become grainy on larger screens and will soon become outdated. However, this option will save you a good amount of space .
  • .

  • 1080p at 30 FPS: the default option, as discussed above.
  • 1080p at 60 FPS: this is the option I use personally. This will continue to take videos with the same number of pixels, but will take an additional frame every second, making the video smoother. This option will use about an additional 35 MB of storage per minute.
  • 4K at 30 FPS: This option allows you to take 4K videos or a resolution of 3840 Γƒ- 2160. This is a double resolution of 1080p, and is the resolution of most high-end televisions today. This option will look amazing, but will use approximately three times the storage per minute at over 1080p at 30.

After selecting an option, return to your camera application and your changes will take effect.

Live pictures

Live Photos, a feature introduced with the iPhone 6s but also available on the iPhone SE, allows you to take a photo while capturing the few seconds before and after, allowing you to relive the moment more.

To take a live photo, you will need an iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone SE. Launch your camera application and make sure that the icon of the circles in the middle of the top bar is yellow. Alternate it should show a small message that says “live”.


To view your photo live, go to Photos, select the photo you took and press down on the photo. It will start playing a few seconds before and after. You can even set Live Photos as the wallpaper of the lock screen and force the touch of the lock screen to get the effect. You can also convert live photos to other formats easily so that you can share them with your supporters.

Panoramas, slow motion and time lapse

Beyond taking photos and videos, your iPhone can also take other forms of images. All this can be found by sliding your finger over the carousel at the bottom of the Camera application.

The first mode we will see is Panoramas. This mode will guide you through taking a series of images, which the iPhone will join into one large image, to get a shot of almost 360 degrees.


The third mode is time-lapse. This mode is designed to take a long, continuous photo and then dramatically accelerate it.

>HDR, timer and filters

Back in the same toolbar where we found Live Photos, there are some more interesting options to see. The first one is HDR.

HDR, in a basic sense, should make your photos look better, but it should only be used in certain situations. HDR means High Dynamic Range, with a dynamic range that is the contrast from light to dark in your photos. HDR takes three photos, each with completely different exposures, and mixes them together to create a photo that looks more like what the human eye would expect, than what you would normally get from your camera.


The next feature we will see is the timer. This is self-explanatory and allows you to set a 3 or 10 second timer before taking a picture so that the shutter is turned off. This way, you can take a tripod and also be in the picture.


The iPhones camera is among the most powerful pieces of technology it possesses, and it is important to know all its capabilities. Knowing these tips will allow you to take better pictures and at the same time be aware of the technological game.

So go ahead, turn on your iPhones camera and try some or all of these tips. Let us know which of these tips turns out to be your favorite.