Does 3D Touch not work on your iPhone or iPad? Here are some solutions to try

3D Touch has led to faster action for the most used applications and tasks. As the technology most used by users, they have faced some problems to operate it. Posts related to 3D Touch issues are commonly seen on Apples forums.

To help you solve the problems of 3D Touch, we have listed below some of the possible solutions that could help you. These are basic troubleshooting problems that have already helped users solve these problems.

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How to fix a 3D Touch problem that doesnt work on iPhone or iPad

Make sure 3D Touch is enabled

Before you anger Apple for delivering a defective iPhone, make sure you have 3D Touch activated. To do so, go to

Step 1. Touch Settings † Touch Accessibility.

>Step 2. Touch , scroll down to 3D Touch and touch it.

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>Step 3. Turn on 3D Touch.

>Press hard enough

We are all afraid of breaking the screen of our iPhone while pressing it hard. But dont worry; its pretty hard for your fingers to break it. Most users are making the same mistake by lightly pressing the screen. Try placing your iPhone 6s on a table and press the application with pressure. You will see a 3D Touch pop-up window appear. If not, you can see other possible solutions below.

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Adjust the 3D touch sensitivity

You can adjust the 3D touch sensitivity for comfort. Having light sensitivity will invoke 3D Touch more easily than having it steady. To change it, go to Settings † Accessibility † 3D Touch. Touch and drag the slider to Light or Medium according to your comfort level.

>Hold down, dont drag

Make sure your finger does not slide on the screen, which will result in touch and hold and not 3D Touch. Press the application hard enough with your fingers still and check if 3D touch is working.

Reset all settings

Of many users on the Apple forums, some suggested resetting all settings. By doing so, they were able to solve 3D Touch problems. Resetting the settings will not delete any of your data. It will simply reset all settings to the factory default.

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Go to Settings † General † Reset † Reset all settings and enter the password to confirm.


Start from scratch

I hate when I write this. Its really annoying to reset everything and start from scratch on an iPhone. This is the best option to solve this problem. Go to Settings † General † Reset † Delete all content and settings and enter the password to confirm. Before restoring from backup, check if 3D Touch works. If it works, you can restore from the backup.


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After doing all this and ending up with no results, the last option is to book an appointment with Apple and check if their hardware is defective.

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