10 tips to use the iPhone iPad mail application like a professional

Gone are the days of accessing emails on a large laptop or desktop screen. Smart users consume smart devices like the iPhone and iPad and therefore compose, send and review emails on smaller screens of tablets and smart phones.

But there is much more to your email application than sending and receiving emails. If you are an iPhone user, you can have a different experience when using the mail application. Therefore, we have listed some useful tips for iPhone and iPad users to use email more intelligently and quickly.


Tips for using the email application on your iPhone and iPad like a pro

Tip 1. Write and mail

First, write a mail quickly . But how can you do that? With Apples advanced Siri feature on your iPhone or iPad, you can compose and send a quick email to your contacts.

Before using Siri, we hope that you have enabled the voice ID for Hey Siri on your iOS 9 device. You can also enable the Hey Siri hands-free mode.

Step 1. Invoke Siri † Siri command to write an email to Recipients name † Subject line of the command † Dictate the body of the message.

>Step 2. Finally, order Siri to send the mail.

Tip 2. Insert photo or video

After writing an email, if you want to send some photos or videos, you can do so immediately in your Mail application.

Step 1. In the body of the message, touch and hold your finger.

A menu will appear on the screen with options such as: Select, Select all, Rate level, Insert photo or video and Add attachment.

Step 2. Tap Insert photo or video.

This action will take you to the Photos application on your iPhone iPad.

>Step 3. Touch any photo or video you want to insert.

Stage 4. Touch Choose and the photo video will be inserted in the body of the message.

>Tip 3. Remove signature: Sent from my iPhone

When you send an email from your iPhone, the recipient will receive a default signature that this email is sent from the iPhone. If you do not want your contact to know that you have sent an email from the iPhone, follow a few simple steps.

Step 1. Launch the Settings application on your iPhone † Touch Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

>Step 2. Scroll down and tap Signature. Delete the text “Sent from my iPhone”. You can write anything in that blank: your name, your website, a quote, etc.

>Tip 4: Quote the text in the reply email

This is a little-known secret hidden in the iPhone and iPad. The feature is very useful for businessmen and working executives, who are involved in a long mail route. Click to quote the text in the email reply .

Tip 5. Increase and decrease font size

The font size is the most important thing for users with low vision. They can easily increase the font size of emails. Even if you are using an iOS 9 device, you can follow the same method to change the font size as you used on iOS 8 devices. Check out this post to change the font size on your iPhone and iPad .

Tip 6. Mark all emails as read, unread and delete

Step 1. Launch the mail application on your iPhone.

Step 2. Touch the Edit button in the upper right corner.


Step 3. Tap Mark All.


Stage 4. Touch Mark as read.


To mark as unread:

To mark all emails as Unread, you must follow a similar process; when you slide the menu up, tap Mark as Unread.

To delete all

Follow the first two steps as mentioned above.

Step 3. Touch the Move All button in the bottom menu.


Stage 4. Touch the Trash folder.


Tip 7. Accessing emails saved in the Drafts folder

Step 1. Launch the mail application on your iPhone.

Step 2. In the Inbox screen, press and hold the Eraser icon.


Tip 8. More emails per screen

If you want to see more emails on your iPhone screen, you can select None on your iPhone Preview screen.

Step 1. Launch the Settings application on your iPhone † Scroll down and tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

>Step 2. Touch Preview of the MAIL section † Now touch None.

>Tip 9. Move email ID to other recipient fields

Before touching the Send button, if you want to change the recipients position, you can easily choose an email ID from position TO to CC or BCC. All you need to do is tap a particular email ID and drag it into the Carbon Copy (CC) or Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) field.

There may be several tricks and tips only in the mail application. Share some interesting things with us on our social networking channels.

Tip 10. Always BCC yourself

If you are communicating with your customers, colleagues or bosses about a serious matter, you should keep a record of all your mail. This is where the “Always Bcc same” function helps you.

Step 1. Launch the Settings application † Touch Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

>Step 2. Scroll down and activate the option Always Bcc Myself.